The online casino slot game has a new addition – Fishing Slot, which is also a variant of the slot game, and today’s players may enjoy a variety of exciting card and table games. However, games like fish table may be a new and innovative experience.

What is an online fish table game?

Fish table game originated in China and is a traditional arcade-style shooting game. The pool table style table features a screen where several players can shoot fish while swimming. Players use a joystick to fire at big fish that move up and down the screen. You’ll also use the stick to choose which fish to shoot.

Through the large screen, you can see fish of various sizes and colors, and each fish has its own value. While some characters on the fish table have comparable point values and are displayed on the machine’s in-game sticker, other characters have different point values. The bigger the reward, the rarer and harder the fish will be.

traditional fish table game

Since each different type of fish has different stack properties, catching a particularly uncommon fish will give you extra points, and pressing the turret button will increase the value of each shot. You can choose from a variety of weapons and use a combination of the joystick and two buttons to aim and shoot. You can earn coins while playing, which can be exchanged for real money later.

When you are ready to start playing this game, you have to buy bullets and use them to shoot fish. To buy ammo, you need to use real money to get it. However, you can always exchange coins for money; therefore, catching the rarest fish will give the player extra money. The game features a vibrant soundtrack, unique user interface, 3D visuals, and striking colors.

How to start playing the fish table game?

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Best Online Fish Table Game Strategy

Many people are looking for tricks to cheat and win table games, but websites that offer online table games for real money use it to combat all forms of cheating.

Aim at another player’s fish

Whenever you play a fish table game, pay attention to which fish are being shot by other players. For this you don’t need a lot of ammo. If you fired five bullets and didn’t kill the small fish, you should consider stopping.

Observe and remember how fast each fish is swimming

Each fish swims at a different speed. On average, small fish swim slower than larger fish. Therefore, it will be easier to photograph small fish. Unlike sharks, however, this rule is not considered a significant advantage. To get them out, you need to use extra bullets. Slowfish are easier to shoot.

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