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Fish Casino Wins tips are often secretly spread on Youtube by avid fans. The reason is easy to understand, as there are many similarities between the games. The game is now a popular choice among fans in Asia and even Singapore.

Our game guide will show you all the important rules to remember, the most effective strategies and facts related to card counting. So, let’s start to understand the Fishing Casino game in more detail.

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Fish Casino Wins-What is Fish game gambling?

Fish game gambling is a fast paced game. It is designed for one player and follows a simple set of rules. The game is a common choice for high-rollers, but it’s also a game that casual low-stakes players can enjoy. The rules are one of the simplest in the casino, just buy chips in exchange for different firepower shells, the player shoots whichever is higher – the fish.

There are other jackpot options available, including Jackpot and hitting the fish boss. We’ll explain these and many other options later in the game guide.

Before we get into the rules and explain them in detail, let’s describe the fish table and what to expect when you first open the game.

You will have the option to switch between different firepower before the fish table game. Your main options are listed at the bottom of the game screen, with turrets, locked fishballs, and automatic fire all available.

As we mentioned at the beginning, this is a quick game and you can expect no more than 5-8 seconds per shot.

Fish Casino Wins-How to Play the Fish game gambling?

In addition to the interface difference between the game and slot machine, the betting design is different. So, just to be sure, any extras to consider in the fishing game you play. The object of the game is to hit which fish will be higher, so the beginning of the game couldn’t be easier. It requires players to bet on a fish or item that they think will be higher.

It’s worth mentioning here that all turrets are numerical based. This may mean that the chips you buy depend on whether your turret has the highest firepower. If you get it right and hit the highest jackpot fish, you will win big.

Fish Casino Wins-Fishing Game Rules

Fishing table allows up to four people to be online at the same time, depending on the version of Fishing Casino apk you download.

Players only need to consume bullets (the bullets bounce infinitely before hitting the fish) to fish, and hit different kinds of fish to get corresponding gold coins.

Gold coin reward = bullet power (25-1000) × the multiplier of the fish caught.Note that not all fishing game bonus rules are the same, so it’s important to understand the rules.

Variations of Fishing Casino

  • Evolution Fishing Slots

Best visuals with a player friendly layout

Fishing Casino Strategy

Fishing Casino has very little game strategy, this is because the rules of the game are simple. In other words, the gameplay of the game hasn’t changed much. You’ll always have at least four options to choose from, so, let’s take a look at the top strategies when playing Fishing Casino:

? Focus on shooting small fish

The advantage of hitting the small fish is the lowest of all stakes in the game. It makes sense to bet money on small fish.

? Forgot to switch bullet power

The high jackpot fishing might seem tempting, but you should pay more attention to the those bland clownfish. more likely to hit them.

?‍♂️ turret switching firepower

How to hit the big fish is a common strategy used by experienced players. Although the process of constantly adjusting the firepower of the turret becomes easier as you can keep track of the different species of big and small fish and other species that appear throughout the game.

Fish swimming patterns have always been a hot topic in online casino games, so let’s take a closer look at this strategy and how to make the most of it when fishing gambling.

The law of fish swimming Fish Casino Wins

As we explained, Fishing Casino is a game that lets you try out the strategy of “the fish swim the line”. The fact that every fish swam this route means you can easily follow the counting process. The idea is that you count the number of times the big fish and the little fish appear and bet based on that.

? If you focus on shooting those big fish, your odds of winning are lower and your stakes will lose.

? If there is a scene cut and you see a school of fish, you will focus on adjusting the power of the bullet to hit them and you will win.

✨ If you have enough chips to hit those big fish, such as the fish boss, it is a huge risk, but the reward is very large.

Fishing Casino Odds

If you are looking for fishing casino RTP, look no further. We have the details here, which shows us the general returns for each of the main betting options. These are based on evolutions of popular games:

fish speciesbetfeatureRTP
Tadpole fish2 timesNamed for its resemblance to a tadpole. 2 times
herring 2 times Whole body blue, easy to catch. 2 times
Zebrafish 3 times With stripes like a zebra, it is not difficult to fight. 3 times
insect fish 4 times With two eyes that look like insects, it looks cute. 4 times
sharp-billed zebrafish 5 times It has the same dazzling stripes as the zebrafish, except that its mouth is pointed. 5 times
clown fish6 timesOrange and white, flat, not too hard to hit.6 times
hedgehog fish 7 times The golden complexion and hedgehog-like spikes are impressive. 7 times
Smurf fish 8 times A sea spirit with a deep blue body. 8 times
Lantern fish 9 times Wearing luminous tentacles and a dazzling light blue fish body, it is like a bright pilot light on the vast seabed, often interspersed among the fish. 9 times
tortoise 10 times Clumsy body, short four legs, slowly wandering on the bottom of the sea, very cute 10 times
Low Odds Fish

Jackpot Fishing Odds

jackpot fish bet feature RTP
silver storm fish 12 times The whole body is silver and white, giving people a visual impact storm 12 times
butterfly fish 15 times The beautiful fairy in the deep sea, the butterfly fish, it is not easy to hit her. 15 times
guppy 18 times The noblest fish in the deep sea, descending like a queen, are relatively rare, 18 times
sharpmouth shark 20 times The sharp mouth is very aggressive, and it is one of the fastest marching sharks. 20 times
devil fish 25 times The body is relatively large, and the devil-like fins are like the starry sky in the night, and the defense is strong. 25 times
great white shark 30 times Proud white shark with extremely high blood volume and super defensive ability 30 times
Great Golden Shark 40 times The golden coat shows the temperament of a deep-sea overlord, and he has to pay a lot of money to concentrate firepower and attack. 40 times
giant frog 40-120 times A very large sea frog, one can imagine how strong its defense is 40-120 times
blue whale 100-200 times Deep sea aircraft carrier, unstoppable. 100-200 times
golden whale 120 times High-end, atmospheric, high-grade. 120 times
200 times the most mysterious existence 200 times
other fishupgradeupgradeupgrade
High Odds Fish

Props Odds

prop prop name prop function RTP
full screen bombPlayers who hit the full screen bomb can catch all the fish currently on the game screen./
hit allCatch all the fish in the net to get all the same type of fish currently on the screen./
Similar bombsCatch the fish in the same bomb circle to get other fish with the same bomb circle on the current screen at the same time. (usually 3)/
Double energy cannonRandomly obtained after catching fish, owning it can get double reward after catching fish./
Item Reward Description

Fish Casino Wins-Origin of Fishing Casino

Slot machine games have been around for thousands of years. So it makes perfect sense that Fishing Casino games originated in Asia. It can be considered a completely different spirit from slot machines, but at the same time similar. This kind of intense warfare is the basis of the rules of the game, so you’ll think you’re going to hit the big fish.


Can I play Fishing Casino games online for free?

No, Fishing Casino is just a real money gambling game, so there is no chance to practice for free.

Is playing online Fishing Casino game illegal?

Playing Fishing Casino games online is only illegal if you are in any state where online gambling is illegal. We recommend that you check the latest local laws near you to be sure.

Can I play Fishing games at a casino online on mobile?

Yes, absolutely. You can play Fishing games on mobile phones and tablets via many of the recommended casinos on our site. We even have a list of the top mobile casinos as well.

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