fish Casino slots is the Jackpot in Fishing gambling, every player is looking for the secrets and skills to kill it. In fact, not only the gold fish is the biggest in the fishing game, but also the dragon king and the shark have high bonuses.

What is gold fish?

There are many kinds and colors of fish in Gold fish Casino, and each fish will be rewarded with different gold coins, so Gold fish is not the biggest jackpot.

Gold fishbonus
200~300 times
Gold fish Casino slots

What are Gold fish Casino slots like?

First of all, you have to be aware that different fishing online casinos may have different types of fish, for this reason, not all fishing games are the same, they may change the plot.

A free, fun Vegas casino slot machine adventure awaits you under the sea! Enter the deep blue water of Gold Fish Slots and win a FREE coins bonus pack! There are plenty of big fish in the sea, but only one as awesome as Gold Fish Casino Slots!
Gold Fish Casino Slot Games

The golden shark is a larger golden shark than the great golden shark. The higher the score, the higher the difficulty. This fish is hard to eat. Although the score is not as high as the BOOS fish, the difficulty is indeed the same as that of the BOOS fish.

How to start the game?

  • To enter the fishing casino game, you need to buy chips, and the chips can be converted into gold coins to play, and their conversion ratio is 1:1.
  • Tap the screen with your finger to fire bullets at the locked fish.
  • After killing the fish, you will get the corresponding points reward
  • Can adjust the use of cannon to increase fishing income

fish casino slot machine gold props

  • Burst: Automatically fire bullets
  • Big Fish: Lock the Big Fish
  • Bombs of the same type: will appear on the fish, killing the fish with bombs will kill all the fish of the same type on the screen.
  • Super Bomb: Bombs appearing in the game, explosive bombs can kill all normal fish in full screen.

The game casts the fishing net to the fish in the form of cannonballs. The larger the number of cannons, the more bullets are consumed and the more gold coins are hit.

the higher the income of the fish caught. The special fish will generate lightning, explosion and other effects on the screen, which can obtain higher income.

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