Perya color game online, powered by Lucky Games, is a competitive gaming platform offering exciting skill-based hyper-casual games. Yes, we get it! It’s easy to win in the game! Win GCash Cash Rewards.

Perya Color Game is really fun. Filipino players will never forget perya’s childhood playing games of color. When you place a bet, you don’t have to enter your bet and amount again and again.

Color Game Online GCash

Color Game Online GCash

Perya color game is a unique take on the perya and local carnivals that most Filipinos are used to. The game was designed to simulate the feel of going to the local perya and play the various perya games with the chances to win prizes.

Our experts noticed a few things with land-based casinos in the Philippines. If you are careful enough, you can cheat in the game. Warning: it does not work with online games.

Where the ball lands, the winning color and price will be four times your bet

As we mentioned, where the Color perya game ball lands, its winning color and price will be four times your bet. So I noticed that one color almost won. Red. It’s not just a coincidence, because the last time I checked, it happened again. The color hole is slanted in some way, instead of being horizontal at 0 degrees, red is the color it will hit at that location.

Perya color game online-Coloring game with dice

the game consists of three dice, each with 6 colors (a dice has 6 sides). Less likely because it has more chances of winning.

The dice turn yellow, blue and red, and then all bets are x1 of that color. Other colors will be lost. For example, if 3 dice turn blue and all 5 colors are missing, blue is x3, and so on. If you notice, the house always shuffles before its characters, putting the non-winning colors in place so it has fewer winners.

See where the dice are placed on the character, usually the color below or the color you can’t see wins. I usually place my bet after lining up the dice so I can see where it is.

This time I brought back triple the book. If you’re careful enough, you can cheat somehow. It’s not 100% sure, but it helps a lot in deciding to bet.

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