For Indian dice players, 7 Up 7 Down is the simplest dice game where you place your bet on the sum of two dice which can be greater than 7, less than 7 or exactly 7.

7 up 7 down game rules

It is played with two dice, betting on the probability of a number being lower, higher or equal to 7. There are 36 options in total. Six of them make up the number 7, and they are – 1 and 6; two and five; three and four, four and three respectively; five plus two or six plus one.

7 Up 7 Down Winning Strategy

The game is very simple, you just need luck (and, of course, a mobile phone with internet access). You can play Under/over 7 (also known as “7-up-7-down”) on the Lucky Games website, have fun and win.

If you choose to bet on the probability of a number greater than 7, you will win if the sum of the sides of the die is 8, 9, 10, 11 or 12. If you decide to bet on numbers less than 7, you will win the sum of 2, 3, 4, 5 or 6. The third option, the riskiest, but the best reward, is to choose to put your money in a total of 7, with a 1:6 chance of giving up that number.

So, all in all, if you love to play dice and want to test your luck and win some (or a lot) of money, you can do it by choosing. This simple game is based on the probability that the sum of the sides of two dice is below, above or equal to the number 7. You can bet any amount at one of these three odds, only the maximum and minimum bet amounts are considered.

7 up 7 down card game
7 up 7 down card game

The following 3 betting options before the dice roll

  • numbers below 7 – 7 down
  • Number 7 – Lucky 7
  • Numbers above 7 – 7 on

If your bet amount is Rs. 500 and you place in

For 7 Down or 7 Up, you will get Rs. 500 as the winning amount (over 500 you bet).For Lucky 7, you will get Rs. 1000 as the winning amount (more than 500 by your bet).

If you think good luck is on your side, don’t miss out on our offers. 7 up 7 down requires no strategic knowledge and complex ideas – just rely on your luck and get ready to give it a try. success!

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