Red Black Casino game is another variation of baccarat, which has become a favorite game of gamblers in Asian countries in recent years, especially Filipino players.

Red Black Casino game rules

The rules of the red and black casino game are very simple. He is a PK game between red and black. In fact, since the game is different from Dragon Tiger and Baccarat, he has side bets.

Download Black and Red App APK for Android
Download Black and Red App APK for Android

In the game, you can be the red side or the black side. No matter which side you belong to, you must use the three cards in your hand to compare with the dealer. At the beginning of the game, you can see the opponent’s two cards. Start betting within the time limit, until you see that the card is opened three times and you can pk.

betting area

The red-black game has three betting areas on the table.

Betting Area 1: Red
Betting Area 2: Black
Betting Area 3: Lucky Area

Red/Black are traditional betting areas and you can choose to bet in either of these two areas.

It is worth mentioning the lucky betting area, which is an area with several different hand combinations. If you bet in this area and win, you will get a high reward.

What is the lucky betting area?

Red Black Casino game
Red or Black card game app

TrioX10 Straght Flush x5 Flush x3 Straight X2 Pair X2

The same card type is A-2 in descending order

If the size is the same, compare the size in the order of spades, hearts, clubs, and diamonds.

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