The rules of the red black game are very simple. This is a card size comparison game. Players place bets for a limited time, the system draws cards intelligently, announces the pair of cards, and the system automatically settles.

red black game rules 52 without joker

TrioThree cardsof the same rank.such as:AAA、222(AAA is the largest,222 is the smallest)
Straight FlushConsecutive cards of the same 789,diamonds456.The largest straighe flush is QKA of the same color,and the smallest S&H is A23 of the same color.
FlushFlush is the same,not successive:Spades 357,Clubs 359(JKA is the largest and 235 is the smallest)
StraightSuccessive different suits but with consecutive points:Spades 5,diamonds 6,Spades 7(The largest shun is QKA with different suits,while the smallest shun is A23 with different suits)
Pair5 double.two cards with equal、699(AAK is the largest,233 is the smallest)
Single6 thtee cards do not make up any card type above(JKA is the largest and 235 is the smallest)
Special cardthere is no special way to play this game.


red and black card game online
red and black card game online
1Trio、Straight Flush、Flush、Straight、Pair、Single
2Trio、Flush、Pair、Single comparison size by sequential comparison points,card points from large to small as:A>K>Q>J>10>9>8>7>6>5>4>3>2,each suits do not distinguish size.
3Straight Flush,successive size short is QKA>JQK>10JQ>910J>8910>789>678>567>345>234>A23.
4Compare points in of pairs and pairs.first compare the points of the pair,if the pair is the same size,then compare the remaining single cards,the biggest point win.single are compared against singles,first against the largest sheet,and so on.the against the second largest sheet,and so on.
5If the points are the same,compare then according to the suit,spades clubs diamonds.


1Red 1:1
2Black 1:1
3Special card type:when a special card type appears in the field,the corresponding adds can be obtained.

It is very important for the red-black game to analyze the trend of the hand. Generally, we can check the recent trend of the game on the game interface. By analyzing the trend of the game, we can get some related probabilities. Players can bet based on the player’s hand cards, thereby increasing the probability of success.

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