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dragon tiger bet strategy is very important for beginners as well as proficient players, because online casino dragon vs tiger odds are higher than other games, and through different betting options, we conclude that players have nearly 50% chance of winning. So players can easily win money in the game.

Dragon Tiger's Best Strategies to Win in 2022
Dragon Tiger’s Best Strategies to Win in 2022

The Dragon Tiger game is also very friendly, even if players don’t know anything about poker and card games, they can be familiar with it after playing a few rounds. To say what kind of game is suitable for beginners, it is none other than Dragon Tiger. Its rules are easy to learn, and its rhythm allows players to profit in a short period of time.

Players who have played Dragon Tiger rarely go to other games because they will eventually find that it is the best game.

How ‘s the winning rates and odds?

After our expert calculation, the player’s win rate is 44.6%, the casino’s win rate is 45.8%, and the probability of a Tie is 9.6%. It can be seen from this that the advantages of the player and the dealer are almost equal, and not only does a tie not require the loser to pay all the bets, it also has extremely high odds.

Different online casinos have different odds, and players can get up to 11 times their stake if a “Tie” appears. If there is a “Super Tie”, players can even get a 50x bonus. The loser won’t get all the stakes back, but half of it will be returned to the loser, which is definitely a good thing for all players.

Note: Many casinos have “Tie” odds of 1:8, so make sure you understand the rules before you start betting.

A 9.6% “Tie” means a chance every 9-10 rounds. It also means that every 9-10 rounds there will be one lucky winner who gets 11-50x the prize money. As long as players are proficient in Dragon Tiger games, harvesting a lot of real money from “Tie” is no longer a dream..

dragon tiger bet strategy ways to increase your win rate

dragon tiger bet strategy expert tips:

By knowing the rules of the entire game can the win rate be effectively increased. After the players understand the above rules, they must also understand the way the game is recorded.

Each round of Dragon Tiger game will have more than 60 rounds. At this time, a record is needed. This record board is the “game history”, and players can see from the game history which side won the game.

Players can deduce the rules of the game from the road to further increase the win rate. Big Road uses the same winning side as the benchmark and records how many times the same winning side has won consecutively, and how many times different winners have interacted with each other.

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