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tips dragon tiger is very important,Many players think that Baccarat is the easiest way to win money in online casino games, but it’s not. Of all the games, Dragon Tiger is definitely the easiest. What are some easy ways to win money? Let’s find out.

tips dragon tiger betting area

Dragon Tiger Odds Example Diagram
Odds Example Diagram

Dragon Tiger Odds description of each betting area

Game rules source lucky game

Bet on “Dragon” or “Tiger”, the odds are 1:1

2022 Expert Tips for Winning Tips

Tips 1: Only bet on “Dragon” or “Tiger”
Online casino players must understand the betting odds, the casino allows betting on dragon, tiger, sum, dragon single, dragon double, tiger single, tiger double, dragon red, dragon black, tiger red, tiger black and other 11 betting options, the odds depend on The sequence is 1:1, 1:1, 1:8, 1:0.75, 1:1.05, 1:0.75, 1:1.05, 1:0.9, 1:1.9, 1:0.9, 1:1.9.

Tips 2: Please focus on betting numbers

Note that the betting odds are 3 times a number, the number you bet is locked in the highest trending number, and then the bet amount should be larger. For example, if the popular number is No. 5, you will bet 30 chips for the first time, and you will win 60 chips if you win. Double up if you lose the second time, double up again if you lose again the third time, and so on up to the 8th time as long as it’s a popular number you’ll win the double bonus unless you pick a number that’s rarely trending .

These are the skills our experts recommend. Of course, you still have to have your own set of betting methods. After all, random betting without rules is the least satisfying way to go.

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