dragon tiger is a popular game in online or land-based casinos and a favorite game among players in Southeast Asia. Because of this popularity, many players are looking for win strategy. Below our experts will give pertinent advice.

About the rules of dragon and tiger, this article will not list them one by one, because there are many other articles, please click here to understand the rules of dragon and tiger games >>.

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A stable mentality is very important in any casino. No matter whether you lose or win, you must maintain a normal and stable mentality. If you do not maintain a stable and good mentality in the dragon and tiger game and lose, betting again will lead to a loss.


A stable mentality must be maintained in the casino, which is the magic weapon for winning.

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Whether it is an online casino or a land-based casino, there will be limited bonus settings. Each gaming table will have a different bonus limit setting. Players can choose a table with a high or low limit to bet according to their ability, and then set It is good that the maximum bet amount per hand does not exceed the amount beyond your ability.


Do not exceed the amount of money you can

Seemingly high odds trap! absolutely do not buy and 3

The seemingly high odds are actually a way for the casino to let you lose. You may not know that there is no “tie” in the whole game, and even if there is a “tie”, the probability of occurrence may not exceed 5 times.


Don’t buy a “tie”,Don’t buy “tie” or you will lose in lucky dragon tiger

Dragon Tiger Trend Analysis Chart 4

The game of Dragon Tiger uses few cards, making card counting strategy easy for players. For a player that wants to count cards, this tactic comes in handy when ...
Dragon Tiger card counting

The first is to record the results of the dragon and tiger opening cards. Commonly called “trend”, some casinos will also give each gambler a piece of paper, allowing gamblers to record the game trend by themselves, and record the game trend, they can start to analyze the expected value of the next card.


It is very important to master and remember the dragon and tiger trend chart, and the odds of winning will be higher.

Dragon is more likely

Due to the different outswing rules of dragon and tiger, the probability of winning the two is different. After calculation, the probability of dragon and tiger in casino poker is 45.86%, and the probability of tiger is 44.62. %, the other is the probability of opening a draw, and the dragon and tiger will not kill the game in a draw, so in fact, the probability of winning the dragon is more than 50%.

The essential difference between professional gamblers and ordinary gamblers is whether they pay attention to mathematical knowledge and statistical data, and obtain long-term, continuous and stable profits from casinos according to their own technical system.

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