Sabong online is called cockfighting in the Philippines. Although animal protectors consider it to be the abuse of animals (chickens), it is a traditional game in the Philippines that dates back more than 3,000 years. This sport essentially puts two roosters on a pin and then bet on which rooster will win the game. Although there is no real trick to betting on Sabong, there is a reward for winning with a bet.

Cockfighting, locally termed sabong, is a popular pastime in the Philippines, where both illegal and legal cockfights occur
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Sabong is considered illegal in Southeast Asian countries, but because it is considered a tradition, it is still allowed in the Philippines until now. Although the government has supervised the industry and optimized the way they make money from tradition, illegal cockfighting is still rampant on the island.

Sabong online-Is Sabong betting legal in the Philippines?

Sabong betting is legal in the Philippines. Sabong is considered a $1 billion industry in the Philippines, and because it is so popular, bettors can bet on cockfighting in the Philippines in many ways. The most popular way to get a legal bet is to go to the cockpit and place a bet with a licensed bookmaker. No reputable bookmaker offers online Sabong betting.

Some online Sabong betting sites operate locally, but the Philippines has made it clear that domestic online Sabong betting is illegal. Quezon City and Manila have both hit operators that provide online betting for cockfighting. The local government regulations specifically stipulate that Sabong must be supervised and bets can only be placed in jurisdictions where cockfighting is held.

Even if online gambling sites are licensed to operate, they must obtain explicit approval from the city council or franchise rights to operate legally, and neither of these cities is authorized. Since there is no formal online supervision, placing bets on illegally operated websites has a high risk, and players may become victims of fraud or may be confiscated for winnings.

Legally recognized Philippines-friendly sports betting does not offer bets on cockfighting, but accepts bets on other fighting sports, such as boxing, mixed martial arts (MMA), etc.

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