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Auto Roulette does not require the dealer to play cards on the spot, it starts automatically every few minutes.

What are the types of Auto Roulette

As far as we know, many roulette games in online casinos are automatic. They will automatically start the game and provide high bonuses and trend graphs for your reference.

Online Roulette Casino
  • Traditional casino theme

Auto Roulette Traditional Russian Roulette is a classic game. Players all over the world like to play it very much. It started from the earliest physical casinos and gradually developed to online casinos.

car roulette game
  • Car casino theme

Car spinning roulette game is called differently in different places. For this reason, it is difficult to search for its app on Google. Car roulette is based on various car logos as a betting area. It is a variant of roulette, but more Stimulating gameplay.

Zoo Roulette
  • Animal casino theme

Zoo roulette is also one of the variant games of roulette. It is very similar to car roulette. The difference is that all kinds of cute animals are used as the betting area. If you bet on one of the animals, you can get a high bonus.

Online roulette casinos have their own game rules, please read their rules carefully to start the game.

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