Big Fish Casino is a high-multiplier fishing game room. The more Big Fish you hit, the higher your chance of winning the first prize.

Enter the Big Fish Casino mode, there is an endless challenge game mode. As the name suggests, there is no end in this game mode. Unless the player’s HP drops to zero, the game will not end.

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Every time you hit Big Fish and successfully pass, there will be a BOSS. The BOSS will be the sea monster, pirate ship, golden tiger shark and so on. These BOSS have huge bodies, extremely thick blood volume and strong attacks, which can often bring a lot of damage to players.

Big Fish Casino There must be enough firepower to hit the fish boss

When you repel the BOSS, there will often be rewarding tasks. At this time, there will be a large group of golden fish. As long as the player hits all these golden fishes, they can get rich rewards in the final settlement. If the main gun used by the player has a full-screen attack mode, then when the golden fish comes, don’t be stingy and use the big move to fish.

Endless challenges are endless, and blood volume is limited. Therefore, under the circumstance of ensuring the completion of the task, pay more attention to the bombs and fish attacks in the sky, and try to catch them when there are healing fishes. Try to keep your blood volume within a certain range, so that you can pass the change.

When capturing Big Fish, each turret has its own unique skills. The lethality of these skills is very strong. As long as the skills are released, the King of Fish will definitely be caught.

Concentrate on hitting the big fish

All in all, when you use the turret to hit the big fish, you must lock the target, and adjust the multiple of the gun to hit the big fish with greater firepower, and don’t be affected by other fish.

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