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fishing gambling game is back again. It is as fierce as the battle between Tesla and Ultraman. Although this is only a fishing game, the scene is no less than a blockbuster movie. Squid game will seize the limelight in all movies in 2021.

The squid battle of the fishing game, this is a storyline adapted from Tesla and Ultraman

fishing gambling game experts predict that squid fishing game may become the hottest online casino fishing in 2022. The interface is very luxurious, there are many types of fish, and it is very easy to learn. Of course, in order to win big prizes in fishing games, this is not an easy task and requires a lot of skills.

What is the difference between squid and dragon king fishing game?

The difference between them is that the squid is huge. If you have enough patience and the firepower of the turret is enough, you will still have a chance to hit the big boss- squid in the school of fish.

The gameplay of Dragon King Fishing is also very simple. However, the Dragon King is slim, swimming too fast, and the frequency is not high enough, so the probability of being able to hit the Dragon King is not very high. For this reason, our experts strongly recommend fighting against the tall fish that often appear.

How to hit the fish with high odds more easily?

This is a trick. Many players are struggling to find the answer to this question. In fact, there are different levels of rooms in the fishing game. You can understand these rooms as different sea areas. You need to try to hit swimming fish in these different rooms. We recommend that you spend at least 100 chips in each room.

Note: This warning is very important

  1. For example, if you enter the first fishing game room, you have already redeemed 100 chips. You need to be careful when playing different fish. No matter the size of the fish, you should try it. Please remember their swimming route.
  2. If there are other players in the same room as you, please observe their patterns when aiming and locking the fish.
  3. Don’t just stare at the fish swimming around in front of you, because your chips are limited and you must learn to fight other players’ fish.
  4. Please give up your greed for big fish, so you will waste a lot of bullets

Final summary

Any rule is followable, and the fish swimming routes in different game rooms or sessions are also regular. For this reason, as long as you have a good memory, you will definitely win the first prize in the fishing game.

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