Animal Roulette Slot is a new online casino gameplay. The rules of the game are actually very simple. After the player downloads the APP online and installs it to enter the game, you can start to choose the number of gold coins to bet; the player will have 20 seconds to bet on various animals, and the betting ratio for each animal will be different. Changes as the system changes.

Wonderful animal roulette high prizes are waiting for you, the latest app download in 2021
Animal roulette online casino app down

Animal Roulette Slot each animal corresponds to two kinds of animals, birds and beasts. Players can bet chips on birds and beasts, and if they are hit, they will get the corresponding game multiples; in addition to the betting points for 8 animals, the game also provides betting areas for golden sharks and silver sharks. Players can obtain higher income multiples by aligning and betting points.

Is the gold shark silver shark pattern the highest reward?

The golden shark and the silver shark are the marine animals with the highest bonus in animal roulette. If you hit the golden shark, you may get up to 24 times the high bonus. Note that Golden Shark and Silver Shark have different bonus multiples in many game apps, so this is not uniform.

Animal Roulette Slot game rules

  • After the player enters the game, he can start to choose the number of chips to bet.
  • Players will bet on various animals for 20 seconds, and the ratio of each animal’s bet will change as the system changes.
  • In addition to betting on 8 animals, the game also provides bets on gold sharks and silver sharks. Players can get higher multiples of income by aligning their bets.

Best time to bet on animal roulette

Classic roulette is already one of the favorite games in European and American countries. However, in Asian countries such as India, the Philippines and other regions, players prefer colorful animal roulette and car roulette. The interface looks more beautiful. There are more chances of winning.

Online roulette and slot games have an unchanging fact because they are lucky games. For this reason, when you place a bet, please try to choose to bet after 0 o’clock. According to industry sources, the online casino machine system will be cleared at this time, and new high bonuses will be released after clearing, so the probability of winning at this time will be very high.

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