live dragon tiger casino is becoming one of the most popular games among online casino players in Southeast Asia. This game is loved for its simplicity and straightforward rules, making it easy for people to play.

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Dragon Tiger takes place in a real physical casino, hosted by casino croupiers. With today’s Internet, you can use your smartphone or computer to play different dragons and tigers online in real time. If you are a fan of this game, this article is very suitable for you to learn.

How to start playing live dragon tiger casino

If you like or have played Baccarat, then playing Dragon Tiger will be easy for you, because the difference between the two games is very small. Even for those who have not played Baccarat before, you are easy to get started, and it only takes a few minutes to master the rules of this game.

Dragon Tiger game skills and strategies

  • Choosing the dragon or tiger is the best option. These two options have similar and the smallest odds. However, they have the lowest house edge which means your chances of winning are high on these options.
  • Don’t bet on a tie or suited options. Unless you want to try out your luck, betting on a tie is an option we don’t recommend because ties rarely happen. Ties also give the house the highest edge. Betting on the 4 suit options is risky though not as much as a tie.
  • Use the card counting strategy. As more rounds of games get played, you can estimate the number of cards that have a value of 8 and above that have been dealt. From this, you can then decide to place a bet on a big or small accordingly. These two betting options also have odds of 1:1. This strategy can be used on the suited bet options as well.

Online betting game rules

 Play Live Dragon Tiger, a two-card baccarat game. All you need are these two cards to wager on – know that the Ace is the lowest valued card ...
live dragon tiger game rules

Players are limited to playing live dealer games and can place bets in the dragon or tiger area. Anyone with the highest card is the winner and provides payment accordingly. It is possible to place bets on whether two cards show the same value. The payout for this bet is 8:1, just like baccarat. However, tie bets provide a huge 32.7% advantage for the casino, so such bets should be avoided.

Dragon and Tiger can also place Borg and Small bets. Players can bet whether the position of the Dragon or Tiger is big, greater than 7, or small, less than 7. If every point is 7, the bet loses.

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