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The trick of the 3 Patti cash is to hide your own psychology, just like an actor, to control your own emotions, to prevent others from seeing the slightest flaw, to make others have an illusion, and to make others unable to guess your thoughts.

Teen Patti is a game of skill, not a game of chance like Dragon vs Tiger game.

3 Patti cash example

If you are very lucky and always have good cards, you must be overly happy and calm down to judge whether their cards are good or bad. Don’t rush to double your bet. Observe your home’s betting situation first, and then according to the specific situation of your hand: if you are sure of winning, then you can induce the opponent to bet with you from low to high. Very hesitant, but don’t be too artificial).

3 Patti cash won the game
Teen Patti beats the competition

If you are not 100% sure of winning, please follow the opponent’s betting multiple. Make tactical adjustments based on the opponent’s subtle expressions and movements during the betting process.

If you are unlucky, don’t just fold your cards without placing a bet, as this will easily expose your playing skills. First of all, you still have to look at the opponent’s body expression and language. If you are always calm or excited, then you have to be careful, don’t follow too closely, and fold when you should fold.

The Teen Patti game pays attention to the psychological changes of competitors, plays with friends, understands each other more deeply, and is very easy to be confused. When someone does not have a good card, he will not play it. As soon as he has a good card, he gets excited and knows it at a glance.

The above examples illustrate that in the 3 Patti, you must first defeat yourself, not others. You must stabilize your own psychology before you can better observe others. It is not advisable to take pleasure in appearance, and use the best method you think. Hiding one’s own psychology is the top priority of Teen Patti game.

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