teen patti show is a very popular gameplay in India, because the gameplay is simple and easy to understand, and there are unique game rules that test everyone’s courage and wisdom.

teen patti show trick

Each player must agree on the chips in advance to obtain the rights of the game. When the dealer has finished the cards, the first player can choose to bet without looking at the cards or betting at the cards.

If If you place a bet without looking at the card, then the next player can follow the same bet without looking at the card, or double the bet after looking at the card.

teen patti show

You can also choose to use the same double bet chips to compare the size of the players you want to compare.

After multiple rounds of comparison, only when there are two players left in the end can the comparison be conducted and the winner can be determined.

When the last two people compare their sizes, if two players have the same cards, then whoever plays the cards first loses.

All the chips in this game belong to the final winner, and the final winner is also the banker of the next round, ready to shuffle and deal cards for the next round of the game.

In addition, I will teach you another technique. This technique is very simple, but most people will not necessarily use it. “Cards”.

In the youth teen patti show game, a set of playing cards with two ghost cards removed is generally usedly used, and a total of fifty-two cards in four suits are used.

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