Rummy Dragon vs Tiger apk

Rummy Dragon vs Tiger is a reliable choice for players of all levels in India. Why? Think about it, no matter which side you bet on, the chance of winning is close to 50%. In other words, this means you will have a chance to earn twice the amount you bet in the game, much higher than other games such as blackjack and Texas Hold’em.

Rummy Dragon vs Tiger apk

Dragon vs Tiger is a card game known for its low banker advantage. Many players have accumulated experience in “Dragon Tiger” to try more difficult games. All in all, Drago Tiger is a simple game, but it is also very profitable. Players must understand the rules if they want to get rich through the game!

Rummy Dragon vs Tiger Question 1: How to Play?

The dealer will distribute a card to each side in the 8 decks of cards, and the victory determines by the points of the card. Players can choose to bet on Dragon or Tiger, or they can choose to bet on a tie.

Rummy Dragon vs Tiger Question 2: How to Bet?

We all know that there are 3 ways you can bet, all depend on you. It seems like there is no pattern to follow. But there is actually some “recommended” way to bet.

From the perspective of probability, you will have a 44.6% ~ 45.8% chance to win if you bet one Dragon or Tiger. It is not 50% because there is Tie. But the chance to win by betting Tie is only 9.6% so we don’t really recommend you to always bet on Tie. The good timing to bet Tie is when it does appear on the outcome history for a while, then you may try once. In conclusion, the most common way is to place a bet on Dragon or Tiger.

Dragon Tiger Question 3: How to Win?

Last question, the most important. How to win? The key point is the pattern. 3 patterns commonly appear in the game.

Rummy Dragon vs Tiger How to Win?

In the 6th round, you should bet Tiger, coz it appears as a regular pattern.

In the 7th round, you should bet Tiger. 6 rounds are viewed as a set, your betting strategy can follow what the first set looks like.

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