Dragon vs Tiger game strategy guide let us be clear about this-any strategy in Dragon vs Tiger game will not work in 100% of the cases. This is because luck is more likely to play a role in the outcome than any other gambling game.

dragon vs tiger game apk
dragon vs tiger game apk

The Martingale system

This system advises a player to double their bets after a loss. It is an easy piece of advice to follow. A lot of beginners usually employ it.

Another suggestion that beginners can follow is that if you bet on several numbers in Dragon vs Tiger, it is safe to bet on adjacent numbers. By doing so, you will increase your chances of winning in case the ball misses a pocket. This strategy is also more common in roulette.

Dragon vs Tiger game strategy guide Rule one

The dealer always wins.. This is called the dealer advantage. Every casino game has certain casino advantages. This percentage of the total amount at the gaming table will definitely go to the casino, so if you make money, it is the money of other players. Therefore, in order to increase your chances of winning, never go to an empty table.

Dragon vs Tiger game strategy guide Rule two

The idea of making money often makes you lose your concentration. Remember, you are not making money at the casino, you are winning. Winning or losing is part of the game. Focusing more on the game rather than money, you may actually win enough victories to be proud of playing well.

Rule three

Forget the money you brought to play games. Think of it as what you pay for entertainment, and it does bring enough fun for the money you paid. If you win, you will be very happy, if you lose, make sure you don’t think about it the next morning.

Keep this in mind until you reach the current spin. Now bet on the largest selection of your virtual bets.

If you are still unsure about using Martingale’s strategy virtually to watch a few spins until your virtual bet is high enough for you to actually bet.

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