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Director Huang Dong Hyuk of the Korean drama “Squid Game” recently stated that the second season is being planned.

squid game season 2

“We seem to have no choice,” said “Squid Game” director Huang Dong Hyuk in an interview with the Associated Press when attending a celebration in Los Angeles on the 8th. He felt the need, pressure and love for sequels, “It (Season 2) It’s already in my mind and it’s planning. Although it’s still too early, I assure you that Cheng Qixun (the leading actor) will return.”

squid game season 2

Although the production team had hinted at the possibility of filming the second season of “Squid Game”, the director publicly disclosed this concept for the first time. In view of the semi-open ending in the first season, some analysts believe that the second season will explain the past of the person in charge of the game.

Squid Game Season 2 Teaser

At present, Netflix has not officially announced the establishment of the second season, but as the platform’s most successful drama recently, “Squid Game” has changed the fate of many people: the originally little-known Korean actress Jeong Ho-yeon has gained many American fans; Park Hae-soo, another star in the show, will open a social media account because “now I want to interact with everyone in the world.” Lee Jung-jae, the actor of Cheng Ki-hoon and a veteran Korean actor, will be recognized when he walks on the streets of the United States. “It’s amazing, people say hello to me everywhere.”

Since its launch in September, “Squid Game” has attracted at least 140 million users around the world, making it the most-viewed original series in Netflix’s history. Netflix executives believe that the success of “Squid Game” is the victory of all non-English original content, and South Korea is also chasing after it. Another thriller drama series “Hell Minister” starring South Korean acting actor Yoo Yaren will also be released on the 19th of this month. Go online today.

However, the popularity of “Squid Game” among young people has also caused concerns: During Halloween, many European and American schools issued a ban, not allowing students to wear the costumes in “Squid Game”, thinking that it contains “potential violent information”, and minors may Will cause violence because of blind imitation.

We have no way of knowing whether the second season of the squid game is still as bloody as the Dragon vs Tiger game, fighting each other in money.

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