Rummy Modern Dragon Vs Tiger is an Indian online casino game. It is very popular among players because of its easy to learn and exciting scenes. The card size is not comparable to suits, but only points. K is the largest card and A is the smallest. The game uses eight decks of playing cards, and the dragon and the tiger only send one card to determine whether they win or lose.

Rummy Modern Dragon Vs Tiger

Rummy Modern Dragon Vs Tiger gameplay/skills

The game uses eight decks of playing cards. The croupier only deals two cards, one for each card, namely the dragon and the tiger, and both sides fight.
If you bet on Dragon or Tiger, if there is a tie, you will lose half of your effective bet.

After the game starts, all players who meet the requirements for applying for a dealer can apply for a dealer. Applying for the dealer is based on your chips. Eligible players can apply for the dealer. Players below this amount must apply for the dealer on the interface. The button is set as unavailable.

If the player applying for the banker has more gold coins than the banker player, the banker player can sit on the bank up to 15 times. If the player who applies for the banker’s gold coins are less than the banker’s gold coins, the banker can play a maximum of 30! , It will automatically continue the next game without a dealer.

That is, the game continues in accordance with the process, but no one can place bets, and there is no gain or loss of gold coins or points when the game is settled.

The game is extremely playable, and there are multiple betting methods, such as Dragon Single, Dragon Double, Tiger Single, Tiger Double, etc.

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