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Enjoying the game online can be done at online casinos where it’s played for real money, as well as through free to play apps that can be downloaded in the iOS and Google Play Store. However, playing Teen Patti online, the rules aren’t always the same as when the game is played locally in India. They can vary quite a lot. This leads us to the topic. Let’s have a look at different Teen Patti rules that exist!

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?The Traditional Teen Patti Rules

Traditional Teen Patti is a competitive game that is best enjoyed between 3 – 6 players where a small amount of money is at stake. As mentioned by greatbridgelinks.com, the goal of the game is to “psych your opponents or be dealt a strong three card hand”. It’s a game that mixes luck and skill, where the latter will determine who stands victorious in the long run.

Described briefly, a game round of traditional Teen Patti is played like this:

1.All participants put a pre-determined amount of money in the pot (boot amount).
2.Three cards are dealt to each player. These are dealt face down.
3.In a counter-clockwise manner, players take turns acting.
4.Players can either fold, call the current stake or make a raise.
5.Two players can agree on a side-show to compare their hands.
6.During a side-show, the player with the worst hand must fold.
7.When only two players are left, one can request a final showdown.
8.At a showdown, hands are compared and the best wins the entire pot.

?Teen Patti Rules at Online Casinos

As can be seen on GamblingBaba.com, there are plenty of casinos that allow Indian residents to play Teen Patti for real money. However, the game you’ll find offered at these gambling sites is rarely the same as the one that is played locally or offered through free to play apps. If one looks hard enough it can be found, but it’s very rare.

Instead, what is offered at online casinos is a Teen Patti live dealer game. This is a luck-based gamed that is played against a dealer over a video stream. It’s much more simple than traditional Teen Patti. This is how a game round plays out:

1.A boot amount (known as ante) is placed.
2.Three cards are dealt to you. These are dealt face-up.
3.Choose to fold (and lose your ante) or play your hand.
4.When playing, a bet equal to the ante is placed.
5.The dealer receives three cards. These are dealt face-up.
6.Hands are compared between you and the dealer.

?Hand Rankings in Teen Patti

There are five different hands that can be made in Teen Patti. Here they are, arranged from best to worst:

1.Set – three cards of the same value, such as K-K-K.
2.Pure sequence – three consecutive cards of the same suit, such as 3-4-5 all in hearts.
3.Normal sequence – three consecutive cards not bound by suit, such as 3-4-5 in different colors.
4.Flush – any three cards with the same suit, such as 4-10-Q all in hearts.
5.Pair – two cards of the same value, such as J-J-4.

If no hand at all is made, then you always have a high card. For instance, if the hand is A-10-8, then the hand is Ace high and would win over a hand like King high.

Hand rankings in Teen Patti are more or less the same in the traditional game as they are in Teen Patti played against a dealer at an online casino.

?Rule Variations of Teen Patti

While the rules of online Teen Patti are fixed to the above-mentioned ones (with some exceptions), there are several different ways to play the traditional game locally with friends and family. As an example, livedealerbaba.com have listed 10 popular Teen Patti variations. However, there are more to be found.

Some variations of the game are quite simple. For instance, there are those that only affect the hand rankings slightly. This could be sequences being made by alternate cards instead of consecutive ones. In a version known as “Closest to 555”, the rankings are changed more severely. Here, there are no sets, sequences, flushes or pairs. Instead, each card has a certain value and you want to get closest to 555.

Various incorporations of wild cards are very common to find in different Teen Patti variations. These are cards that can act as any other card in the deck. For instance, if all deuces are deemed to be wild, a hand like 2-6-7 would be a sequence.

?Teen Patti variant Rules

We will show several of the most popular variants of 3 Patti. They are both short and sweet, so you can learn which specific Teen Patti variant is best for you.


If there’s one variation of 3 Patti everyone knows and loves, it surely is Joker. This teen patti variation relies on so-called wild cards to make things more fun.

One card is pulled randomly from a well shuffled deck and placed as a Joker. The dealer can nominate all other cards of the same rank, number, and strength as Jokers, making for quite a fun ride.

That mechanic is the reason why the game is called Joker. If you think it could be interesting, you should definitely try this Joker-riddled game.


If you ever played Teen Patti, then you already know how to play Muflis. It’s the same game that follows the same rules.

The only difference is in who wins the game – in this case, it’s the weakest hand on the table.

For example, if you have a strong hand such as A-A-A and someone else has a K-K-K, his hand is weaker than yours and automatically wins.

While competitive players won’t resort to building losing hands, keep in mind that Muflis is designed to be fun, not competitive.


You can play AK47 with ease if you know the rules of Teen Patti well. There’s only one major difference – all 4s, 7s, Aces, and Kings are now Jokers.

A total of 16 Jokers are on offer in this fun variation, allowing you to complete hands quickly and easily.

To put things into perspective, let’s say you’ve got a hand of 7-4-K. In this case, it turns to A-A-A which will most likely win the game.

The more Jokers you hold in your hands, the better your chances to win it.

You don’t need a special guide to learn how to play faceoff. The game follows traditional Teen Patti rules so if you know them well, you won’t have trouble playing it.

Since you’re only getting faceoff cards, the limited number of cards involved means completing hands much quicker. In terms of hands, A-K-Q defeats a Q-J-10 hand.

A simple and fun game to try, Rich Rummy is great for beginners and experienced Indian Teen Patti fans too.

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