The Teen Patti game is also known as Poker or 3 Patti in India. Indian favorite games Teen Patti and Rummy, these games are card games full of skill.


Today we mainly explain the rules of the Teen Patti game and how to win in the Teen Patti game.

Teen Patti, also known as Flash or Flush, is one of the most competitive card games that originated in India. The rules of this game are somewhat similar to 3-Card Brag, the famous British card game. It is played in a group of 3-6 players using a 52-card deck without jokers.

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?How to play Teen Patti?

In the play Teen Patti game in India, each player gets three cards to face down. Before betting, the players decide the boot amount from each of them and place it in a pot in the centre. Boot amount refers to the minimum stake amount added to the pot. As the game advances, this amount increases and the winner of that hand gets the money. The winner ends the game with the highest hand or the best hand depending on the card ranking discussed below.

The player seated next to the dealer gets the turn to play. This player can either place his bet after seeing the cards or without seeing the cards (Blind). When he sees his card, he can use chaal or choose other options based on the game progress. If he wants chaal, he has to bet twice the present stake if the previous player is playing seen. Or he can bet twice the current stake or four times the present stake if he is playing blind.

?Card Ranking

From high to low, the card ranking is:

Rummy game rules

Set or Trail (3 cards belonging to the same rank)
Pure sequence or Straight run (Same suit along with a sequence) Ex: 7♠, 6♠, 5♠ or 8♦, 9♦, 10♦
Sequence or Normal run (3 successive cards not belonging to the same suit) Ex: 6♠, 7♣, 8♦
Colour (Same suit but not in sequence)
Pair (2 cards belonging to the same rank)
High card (A is the highest and 2 is the lowest)

Download Teen Patti from here:????


?Winning in Teen Patti

The key to winning money in this game is to strategise appropriately and understand where exactly you should play to win money. Here are a few smart tips and tricks to win the game.

Always make it a practice to agree on the stakes you wish to play with so that you can sound like an expert. However, begin with low-value bets before gradually increasing the value once you have good cards.
Play Blind for the initial few rounds. It will leave your opponents confused and make them feel doubtful about their cards with your confidence. Playing Blind also helps in increasing the pot amount.
Use your weak cards to play Bluff without indicating the opponents of your weak cards. This way, you can confuse them to such an extent that they pack or fold.
If you are not confident about your cards, you can use the side show option from the previous player. The player who has a better hand out of you two can continue playing. It helps you decide whether or not your hand is worthy of continuing playing.

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