The Halloween slot machine layout is simple and uncluttered. Your first step is to adjust your coin size and set the amount to play.

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Best Halloween Themed Slots for 2022


The Halloween slot machine layout is simple and uncluttered. Your first step is to adjust your coin size and set the amount to play. As soon as you’ve done this, hit Spin to get things rolling.

With 50 paylines in play, there are plenty of wins even out with bonus rounds. The game can feel quite volatile, meaning dry spells without wins aren’t uncommon. We’ll go into detail on bonus rounds later. For now, all you need to know is that there are three in play.


For many people, Halloween is the happiest holiday of the year. Of course, it has no religious significance for most people, and it’s not a time for big family gatherings or big meals. But it does allow everyone to dress up as their favorite character, fantasy or creation for a night of partying when the weather is just starting to cool before winter sets in (at least in most parts of the northern hemisphere).

Such a fun night is the perfect theme for online slot machines. It’s a thematic idea that can be taken in many different directions: you can make your game incredibly spooky, filled with creepy ghouls and terrifying monsters, or you can turn it into a fun, lighthearted experience with candy, pumpkins, and other childlike symbols.

Either way, though, the theme is here to stay, and many players find these titles very entertaining – especially near the holiday itself.

Play Halloween slots for free


As we said, there are a number of different ways you can go with the Halloween theme, which has made this a fruitful place to start from for slots developers. There are countless costumes and monsters associated with the holiday, and all of them can be found somewhere at an Internet casino.

Throw in jack-o-lanterns, graveyards, animals from cats to bats and spooky insects, and the full moon, and you start to get an idea of how many symbols creators can work with when putting together these games.


In Halloween, the first bonus feature is the Trick or Treat Wheel. This is triggered by three scattered Bonus symbols. It offers cash prizes multiplied by your stake (up to 10x). This continues until you trigger a round of free spins or the Boogeyman Bonus.

The latter of these is what we call a pick ‘em bonus round. Players select leaf icons to reveal cash prizes until Michael Myers shows up. You can block his first appearance by picking a knife symbol. This functions like a ‘get out of jail free card’ for the round.

If the wheel displays a character other than Michael Myers, you get nine free spins. These spins will feature appearances from the same character that triggered the round. Our experts had only some negative points on bonuses. Firstly for this bonus, there are no multipliers. Also nine free spins seems a little stingy – most online casinos offer ten or more, as a round number.

Capture the spirit of the pumpkin season and have a spooktacular time with these blood-curdling Halloween themed slots.

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