The slot game buffalo is one of the easiest and most popular slot games in online casinos. The game is simple and fast, no need to consider any strategy, just press the SIN button, and then wait for the result of the game. Anyone who has not been exposed to slot machine games will not be unable to play.

Like a few other Aristocrat games, Buffalo comes with no fixed paylines and 1,024 ways to win. This feature is called Xtra Reel Power. This makes it an extremely popular slot with both beginners and avid gamblers since players can choose the number of reels they want to activate.
Buffalo Slots

How slot game buffalo Wins

The winning rules of the buffalo online slot machine are actually very simple, as long as the same icons are arranged in a certain combination to win.

The most classic slot machine winning combination belongs to the buffalo. When the player gets the combination of three buffaloes, he will win the big prize.

Different slot machines have many variants extended from this basic rule. For example 8 paylines, 20 paylines. Arrange from left to right, or left to right right to left.

In addition to the basic icons, the slot machine also introduces the wild icon, which, as the name suggests, can replace any other icon except the bonus icon.

Bonus icons are often used to trigger free bonus games, the most common being the free spins round. Players’ games during the free spins round will be free.

Buffalo Slots is a low variance game with a staggering number of ways to win - 1024 to be exact. It also boasts a bonus round where you can win tons of free ...
Buffalo Slots Review 2022


Paylines refer to specific combinations of icons. The first step in playing a slot machine is to check the paylines. Of course, the number of paylines does not actually affect the winning rate of the slot machine.

Slot Game Buffalo – Paytable

After looking at the paylines, we should check out the paytable. The paytable will list the combination of the icon and the odds. For example, three fruits pay 100 times, two fruits pay 20 times.

Are you sure you won?

Many slot machines have more than one payline, so you may hit some winning combinations, but not necessarily win back your entire bet. So we must pay attention to the difference between the winning amount and the amount of each SPIN bet.

Buffalo Online Slot Random

Slot machines are purely a game of chance, and casino slot games have an electronic chip used to generate random numbers. The chip can generate random numbers through a certain mathematical algorithm. Slot machine games rely on these random numbers to generate the outcome of the game. A slot machine game approved by relevant organizations is absolutely fair and there will be no deviation. In other words, it is absolutely impossible for players to win a slot machine with a large number of games.

Usually, the reward rate of offline slot machine games is about 85%~90%, and the reward rate of online slot machine games is even higher, possibly reaching 96%. Because online slot machines cost nothing.

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