Ludo game download of Ludo originates in India as far back as 3300 BC. Easy to learn, this classic game is fun for children and adults alike. Ludo’s popularity has gone on to spawn variations such as Parcheesi and Sorry. With centuries of tradition behind Ludo, you will surely become a fan as well!

Ludo game rules-Download Ludo apps

your goal is to get all four of your pieces around the board and get back to your true colors. In this version you can play against 3 other computers or a mix of computers and friends.

Ludo King is an online Ludo game. You can play Ludo King in online multiplayer mode or locally, as well as against computer opponents.
Ludo King online play

After the game starts, players take turns rolling the dice. You must roll a 6 to move a piece out of the starting box. When you have only one piece to move, the piece you release will move automatically. From now on, with each roll, you can move a new piece to the board, or remove pieces from the board. You also get a free roll when you roll a six. Once you have multiple pieces on the board, you can choose which piece to move after rolling the dice.

Once it lands in the center of the arrow, your pawn is safe. Land on your opponent’s piece to knock it back to start and get another free throw. Stars and colored tiles are safe spaces. Try to keep your pawns to avoid being knocked back by your opponents!

LUDO winning tips and tricks

Make smart choices. After moving the first piece out of your starting box, you have a choice for every 6 pieces you roll: add another piece to the board, or move your current piece forward. In general, it is best to move your pieces to the board. When it’s your turn to move, releasing all your pieces will give you more options.

keep distance. The maximum number of spaces that any piece can move is six, unless the player rolls a six and rolls again. Keeping a distance of 7 or more between your pieces and any opponent’s pieces behind you can help you avoid getting knocked back at the start.

Keep your work safe. There are places on the board to protect your work from being sent home. If you have more than one piece on your board, try to keep as many pieces as possible in the colored or star space. This way, one moves on the board while the others remain. If all your pieces are currently safe, move the piece that has no opposing piece behind it.

Do two turns. A good strategy is to take advantage of your free roll. After you roll a 6, drop a piece into the goal, or knock an opponent’s piece off the board, you are free to turn around.

Think twice before moving. To get the most out of these free turns, you have to plan, especially if you have multiple pieces on the table. As you go along, calculate the space between your piece and other pieces. If your opponent is two spaces ahead of one of your pieces and you roll a 2, move that piece forward. You will knock back your opponent and get a free throw.

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