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Dragon Tiger casino game is becoming more and more popular among gamblers all over the world because it has the same rules as baccarat, easy and easy to win and it is very addictive to play.

The strategy for betting on Pragmatic Dragon Tiger is all about choosing which hand is likely to be the winner. There are three outcomes that can happen.
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How many types of Dragon Tiger casino games are there?

We all know very well that Dragon Tiger is a game from Southeast Asia, and its game type has not changed much. After all, it is one of the variants of baccarat. So it makes no difference whether it is a land-based casino or an online casino.

Dragon Tiger Simple Rules

The Tie selection can come with an 11:1 payout if you bet correctly. You would need both Dragon and Tiger cards to be of equal rank, but the suits of the cards do not have to match.

The Suited Tie is the same except for the fact that the suit of both cards needs to be the same. If you bet correctly on this selection then you can win a payout worth up to 50:1 in total.

Dragon Tiger is a game developed by players who loved playing Baccarat. The developers wanted to create a fun game for all experienced and new players.
Live Dragon Tiger Casino Game

Important Tips for Beginners to Play Dragon Tiger

an important rule to remember in the game is based on if you bet on either the Dragon or Tiger betting options and it ends up being a Tie or Suited Tie.This would mean that half of your bet total for that round gets returned to your bankroll.

Do keep in mind that there are 86,320 possibilities of each hand. About 6,448 of those possibilities are linked to a Tie which takes the house edge up to 32.77%. It’s a big jump up and it shows that the sensible bets are with the two main options of Dragon and Tiger.

How to Win Real Money at Dragon Tiger Casino

Every game is different and has different rules and setups. Dragon Tiger is a unique game and has a lot of things you’ll need to know and think about while playing the game. Here are a few things you need to keep in mind.

Return to play percentage (RTP)

The RTP for this game is average with a percentage of 96.25% when you bet on the Dragon or Tiger hands, and much lower for the tie hand at 82.17%.

Ace is low

In most online casino games, an ace is the highest card in the game. It’s not a dragon and tiger, it’s the lowest card. The highest card in this game is the king.


Anyone can play Dragon Tiger after reading the dragon tiger game rules since it is an entertaining game. Players who enjoy games like Baccarat and Casino War will particularly enjoy it.

Another reason to play this game is that you can win a lot of money while also having a low possibility of losing all of your money. The rules are simple to understand, and the gameplay is straightforward. Enjoy betting at 3 Patti Rich!

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