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Teen Patti Joker ant 3 Patti Game is a free Card game. It’s easy to download and install to your mobile phone.Teen Patti Joker is an online version of India’s Teen Patti card game. All users may access Teen Patti Joker from anywhere in India, and it works across all networks.

Teen Patti Joker 3 Patti

How to start playing Teen Patti Joker?

It is normally played in a group of 3 to 6 persons and uses a 52-card pack without jokers. Each player is dealt three cards face down. Before the cards are dealt, the boot amount is decided and collected from each player. The boot amount is the minimum stake amount put in the pot, which is the money kept in the centre of the table. As the game progresses the pot money grows and is won by the winner of that hand. Winner is the player who remains in the game till the completion of the hand and has the best hand or the highest hand based on the cards ranking shown below.

Teen Patti Joker is an Indian casual game platform that integrates exquisiteness, variety and speed.
New Teen Patti

Teen Patti Joker-Seen Player

A seen player can play Chaal, Pack or may have other options. The other options that may be available to the seen users are Show and Side Show. Once you have seen your cards, to remain in the games, you must play chaal unless you select any other available option.


To remain in the games, a seen player must play Chaal or Side Show if available. For chaal the user must put the bet amount in the bot.

Side Show

A seen player can ask for a Side Show. Side Show means that you wish to compare your cards with the cards of the previous user. You can do this only if the previous user is also a seen and there are one or more other players still in the games. The previous user has option to accept or decline your Side Show request.

If your Side Show request is accepted and the previous user has better cards than you, you must pack. If your cards are better than the previous user, the previous player must pack. After one of you have packed, the turn passes on to the next user.If your Side Show request is denied, you do not see each other’s cards and both of you remain in the games and the turn passes on to the next player.

Only on 3 Patti Joker you can enjoy the best of the Graphics without compromising on the speed. 3 Patti Joker User Interface is very easy to use and provides the most authentic Teen Patti experience at the disposal of your home.

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