car roulette game and zoo roulette are gaining popularity among indian players, the game is so fun and easy to play, it is now the best roulette game in online casinos.

Download android car roulette games at the best online casinos in India and they also have a lot of great games like dragon tiger, zoo roulette, and the very fun Teen Patti cash game.

Is car roulette game a roulette game?

It is very different from the roulette game. It can be said that it is simpler than a roulette game, because there are so many areas where you can bet, and the odds of winning are also high. There’s no need to memorize those complicated game formulas. Roulette is a game of luck with a good chance of winning, but you need to be patient.

Car roulette game download Casino and enjoy it on your Android phone touch.
Car roulette game download

car roulette game rules

The game has 8 areas where you can bet,The following is the sign of the car sign in the area where you can bet.

Mercedes Benz logobmw logoAudi logoVolkswagen logo

They represent 5 different odds; the red light starts turning after the race starts, stops after a few laps, and where the red light stops represents the game’s draw result.

How to win real money?

If you’re familiar with real money games like Zoo Roulette or Baccarat, Auto Roulette is also great for you, as they play basically the same way, both games of chance, but both Zoo Roulette and At Auto Roulette have big wins.

Don’t be too hasty when you bet. The lucky game must keep a stable mind. If you can keep playing for a longer time, we recommend that you play for at least 2 hours, so that you can explore the winning probability of each car logo.

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