Best Zoo Roulette Apps online casinos are not uncommon, we can easily find them through social media networks such as Youtube, however, if you want to win, we will be responsible for recommending you the app where you can win money – lucky games.

Best Zoo Roulette Apps How to get started?

The gameplay of Zoo Roulette is very simple, and there are many chances of winning bets, because he has 8 betting slots, and different online casino betting slots are also different, so we only introduce the Zoo Roulette in the lucky game in this article.

Zoo Roulette game rules

In the Zoo Roulette game, if you want to win money, you must master the basic gameplay and rules of the game.

Zoo roulette game download
Zoo roulette game download

There are 12 kinds of animals in the game, among which are birds: eagle, peacock, pigeon, swallow, golden shark. Beasts: Lion, Panda, Monkey, Rabbit, Silver Shark. The proportion of various animals represented is twice that of birds, and players can judge whether the bet wins or loses according to their own game in the game.

There are a total of 11 betting slots, and the winning multiples are different for each different betting slot. After winning the lottery, you will be rewarded with corresponding multipliers.

Birds: swallow X6, peacock/pigeon X8, eagle X12. Bird total betting slot X2.

Animals: Rabbit X6, Panda Monkey X8, Lion X12.Zombies total investment area X2

Shark: X24

How to start playing Zoo Roulette?

We know that there are very few free games in any online casino, so if you download the zoo roulette app, make a deposit first, they have a minimum deposit of 100 to get started and you can try it out.

Can I win real money?

According to our expert observations, many players have won thousands of cash here, and we have analyzed this and found the following winning tips:

Don’t bet too much, because you haven’t mastered the rules of the game.

Small chips/10 can be bet on each animal at the beginning of the game

Don’t worry, the most important thing is to grasp the probability of each animal appearing to win

in conclusion

Our experts discuss winning tips with frequent winners. The most important thing is not to be greedy, keep exploring betting techniques, and the most important thing is to remember the probability of each animal appearing so that you can easily win in Zoo Roulette.

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