Jhandi Munda apk is an Indian board game that’s played with 6 six-sided dice. This game is said to have originated in the north-east part of India. In fact, Jhandi Munda is quite popular in the north-east Indian states till date and is played in the streets by adults and kids alike.

Jhandi Munda is not just a popular game in India, though. Variations of the game are also played in Nepal and the United Kingdom. Jhandi Munda is known as “Crown and Anchor” in England and as “Langur Burja” in Nepal.

Jhandi Munda is a simple and straightforward game that is loads of fun to play and quite easy to understand. Let’s look at how the game is played.

Jhandi Munda apk/chessboard and dice

The Jhandi Munda board is a simple tabletop board divided into six sections, each with six symbols drawn. The six symbols are spades, clubs, diamonds, hearts, crowns and flags.

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Jhandi Munda online

There are a total of 6 dice in Jhandi Munda. Each of the six-sided dice is painted with the above mentioned six symbols. There is no other equipment required in Jhandi Munda, apart from the board and the dice.

In each round of the game, the dealer throws all six dice to determine the winner while players place their bets on the section of the board that represents their chosen symbol.

betting process

When it comes to gambling games, there is no easier game to master than Jhandi Munda. With such simple rules, this game of chance is simply “children’s play”.

There is only one aim for players in Jhandi Munda – Try and correctly guess the symbol that will show up most number of times as face-up when the dice is rolled.

Players place their bets on the symbol of their choice and win if their chosen symbol is the one that turns face-up most number of times when the dealer throws the dice.

For example: Player A has placed their bet on the crown symbol to show up the most when all six dice are thrown. The dealer throws the dice. Out of the six face-ups, if the crown is counted the most number of times then Player A would win. If some other symbol shows up more times than the crown, then Player A would lose.

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