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3 patti paytm cash 2021 game is more and more popular with players. While many people who enjoy Teen Patti may prefer to play with other people in person, there are always limits to the game in this sense.

A game of skill sometimes called Indian Poker, Teen Patti shares a resemblance with the legendary card game. If you ever played poker online, you’ll get the hang of the Teen Patti basics soon enough.

There are two main reasons why Teen Patti could find itself in a great position with gamers from all over the world. The first is simple, because the game is new. With the casino industry being full of old classics, such as Dragon vs Tiger and Andar Bahar, players are always on the lookout for something completely new to try out.

how to play 3 patti paytm cash 2021

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Here’s how to play 3 patti: The game is played with 2-10 people and uses a standard 52-card deck but without the Jokers.

Like in poker, the round begins when all the players decide on the first wager (ante) and contribute to the pot (the table).

A player will then deal the cards counterclockwise. The betting begins with the player next to the dealer with three cards down for each player.

During the game, the pot will grow and will then be won by the player with the best three-card hand on the table.

3 Patti Basic Rules

First let’s start with basic Teen Patti rules.

1.When you play teen patti, know that every player will contribute towards the boot money and will get 3 cards face down.

2.The player next to the dealer (clockwise direction) will be the first player to start the game.

3.The player has an option to bet without seeing the cards (also called “blind”). But if the player sees his or her card, then, he or she can play “chaal (chance)” or might have other options based on how the game progresses.

4.A player placing a blind bet is called a blind player.

5.A player placing a bet after seeing his or her cards is called a seen player.

6.To pack is to fold and leave one round of the game.

start game play 3 patti paytm cash 2021

Before starting this exciting casino game, players must agree on the value of the bet.

To help you understand the 3 patti rule easily, let’s assume the first instance agreed amount is 1 unit.

Each player invests the same amount of money in the pot. Positioned in the center of the table, the winner gets the full prize.

The dealer then deals the cards and begins betting.

So, who among the players has the best three cards?

Yes, everyone has the option to view their three cards.

If you’re ready to get started, check out our favorite 3 patti sites below.

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