Dragon Tiger game winning tricks are perfect for both novice and seasoned players. The goal is simple: players choose dragons and tigers as their main bets, and the card with the higher value drawn will be the winner. Players can also bet on draws and flush draws for higher odds of payouts.

Dragon Tiger winning tricks pattern

NameDragon vs Tiger
Max win (coins)0
Min bet (Max bet)50
Supported devicesMobile.android
Technologyapps/html 5

One of the attractions of Dragon Tiger is that an average round can be completed in 30 seconds. For gamers with busy lives, this means Dragon Tiger is a great option for entertainment on the go. Two rounds can usually be completed in one minute.

Dragon Tiger game winning tricks

Another of the reasons this Live Casino game moves so quickly is that even when a game consists of multiple players, turns are not a part of the process. Even if every player in a game uses his or her unique strategy, the game still moves quickly. Once the dealer reveals the cards to players, the game automatically calculates each player’s bets.

Most consider Dragon Tiger game winning tricks that is based on luck. However, it can also be won via a strategic point of view. The main idea here is to make sure that you ...

Players can also capitalise on the chance of drawing a tie. There are two types of Tie bets available, the regular Tie and the Suited Tie. These bets have lower RTPs of 89.64% and 86.02%, respectively, as opposed to the RTP of 96.27% for the main bets (Dragon vs Tiger). However, the payouts for the Tie bets are a bit more generous, with wins of 11:1 for Tie and 50:1 for Suited Tie.

Dragon Tiger game FAQ

⭐ What is Dragon Tiger game?

Dragon Tiger game is a live casino game based on the rules of baccarat and war. Involving just a few moves and four wagering options, this Asian-themed game is easier to learn than many other casino games.

⭐ How to start playing Dragon Tiger?

The game is played on a table, half to the tiger and the other half to the dragon. Players bet on what they think is a better option. Once a bet is made, the dealer will draw. A dragon card and a tiger card are placed face up on the table, and the player who bets on the higher value card wins. Players can choose to bet on Tiger (1:1), Dragon (1:1), Tie (11:1) or Flush (50:1).

⭐ How do you always win the Dragon Tiger game?

Betting on a tie indeed has a high payout odds, which are 8:1. But it also has a house advantage of up to 32.77%. That is why only the fortunate ones win when betting on a tie. Keep in mind that there are 86320 various card combinations, and only 6488 have the ability to draw. Statistically speaking, you’ll most likely lose if you decide to place a bet on a tie. 

So, there you have it, these were the best winning strategies anyone could offer in regards to Dragon Tiger. Every single piece of advice we gave you is backed by casino experts with plenty of experience, so you’ll learn from the best. We cannot guarantee that you’ll win constantly by taking our suggestions, but you’ll most certainly avoid the newbie mistakes and appreciate the game much more. Good luck!

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