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Tongits Star Apk is the most popular free card game that you can play anytime, anywhere. The game has great graphics and multiple modes. You can also win many prizes while playing the game.

Download now and enjoy endless family. Blackjack, the most popular 3 player card game in the Philippines. At the end of the game, the player with the lowest total of all combinations wins. Use your tactics to come to the retreat, fight and win even the smallest score.

About tongits star apk

The highly anticipated Tongits Star is coming!!! The new season will rearrange the ranks of all players in the S1. Players will receive appropriate rewards based on S1 rank. The higher the rank,

tongits star apk Star is the most popular free card game, you can play it anytime, anywhere.
The description of Tongits Star App

the higher the reward. There are also many improved experiences in this new season such as b. The new look of the game interface, single frame, star saving card game, etc which of course made the video a nighttime sensation.

Who are you waiting for? Use unique skills and techniques to unlock awesome rank rewards and challenge the Philippines’ most powerful Tongit master!

Popular Christmas card game for mobile devices, Tongits Star Go offers stunning graphics and multiple game modes that attract millions of Filipinos to play anytime, anywhere.

Casino enjoy the real game

Tongits Star is a Star Android game customization for mobile phones in the Philippines: Tongits Star, you can enjoy a game like real Tong in the casino, but comfortably with your smartphone.

When you start playing Tongits Star, you will find many rooms to enter to participate in the game. You can even create your own playroom to play with friends. Once you’re in the room, the real game begins. When you join as a new player, Tongits Star will give you money to join the game. You can then save money, double or buy more coins by exchanging diamonds.

You use a 52-card poker deck to play Tongits Star. Your goal is to get rid of all your cards. To do this, you need to collect identical cards in a group, which you can then remove. Each player starts the round with 12 cards. You can then eliminate the groups, drag them to the center, and use any other strategy to win the game.

Tongits Star is a fun card game with colorful graphics and really great animations. Let’s talk about a game that suits you if you want to enjoy the game like a real casino.

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