The number of people who like to play Teen Patti Gold online has been increasing since the increase in smartphone usage and improved internet connection in India. This traditional card game, said to have originated in the 17th century, has been popular in the country for hundreds of years.

How to start playing for real money at online casinos or enjoy online games with free gaming apps available for download on iOS and Google Play Store. However, the rules for playing Teen Patti online are not always the same as playing locally in India. They can be very different. This leads us to the subject. Let’s see the different Teen Patti rules that exist!

Traditional Teen Patti Gold Online Rules

Traditional Teen Patti is a competitive game best played between 3 to 6 players where a small amount of money is at risk. As seen in the column, the goal of the game is to “stun your opponent or get a powerful three-card hand”. It’s a game of luck and skill, and the latter will determine who will emerge victorious in the long run.

A traditional Teen Patti game round goes like this:

  • All participants put a predetermined amount into the pot (startup amount).
  • Three cards are dealt to each player. These are handled face down.
  • In a counter-clockwise fashion, players take turns acting.
  • Players can fold, call current bets, or raise.
  • Two players can agree on a side-show to compare their hands.
  • During a side-show, the player with the worst hand must fold.
  • When only two players are left, one can request a final showdown.
  • At a showdown, hands are compared and the best wins the entire pot.

Important notes: Whenever a player is acting, this player gets to decide if he wants to look at his cards (known as playing seen) or keep them hidden (known as playing blind). The benefit of playing blind is being able to stay in the pot for a cheaper price.

Blind players can either call the current stake for its amount or make a raise of twice this amount. For seen players, the cost is doubled. They can either call the current stake for x2 the amount or make a raise of x4 the amount. Half of the amount bet by a seen player is always a fee that doesn’t affect the stake.

If Teen Patti Gold online casino starts at Rs 10

Let’s say that the boot amount is ₹10. This would then be the initial stake. If a seen player calls ₹20, the stake remains at ₹10 for the next acting player. If a seen player pays ₹40 to raise, then the stake would be ₹20 for the next player as half of the raise is a fee. Blind players don’t have this fee so if the boot amount is ₹10, they would either call ₹10 or raise the stake to ₹20.

Teen Patti Gold online is an Indian origin card game. The objective of this game is to make the best 3 card hand as per the hand ranking and to maximize the pot
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When it comes to side-shows, these can only happen between two seen players. The player who is currently acting is able to request one from the player behind him. A side-show only has to be accepted when the same player has been asked a third time.

If Teen Patti is played with a pot limit

If Teen Patti is played with a pot limit, a final showdown can not only happen when two players are left, but also when the limit is reached. It may be that the limit is set to 500 times the boot amount. So, if this amount is ₹10, whenever the pot reaches ₹5,000 all players would be forced to face a final showdown.

While playing teen patti online in India, one will realize it is much better than land-based casinos as soon as it comes to deposits and withdrawals. When players play online, they don’t have to leave the table as on a land-based casino. Players can easily top up their account or cash out their winning amounts. Just remember to choose a reliable online casino or gambling site.

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