Dragon Tiger Winning Strategy has become the most desired cheat for Southeast Asian players. Although many players try to find tricks to win by cheating, it is futile. Online casinos will not wait for you to win money like a fool.

Going through this guide may help you improve your odds of winning, but we cannot guarantee that you will win 100% of the time at the casino.

Dragon is an ancient Chinese mythical animal. In the game, any player can become a dragon or a tiger. This is a legendary folk tale character.

Tigers are regarded as ferocious carnivores in any country. In the Dragon Tiger game any player can become the character of a tiger.

Online casinos are a bit different from land based casinos, usually land based casinos have a live dealer – he is the one who sends the poker and it is the real trader’s responsibility to ensure fair play and follow the rules.

You may not see a live dealer in online casinos because they usually send playing cards automatically, but that doesn’t mean he’s unfair.

Playing cards consist of 52 cards ranging from A to King.

How to play Dragon Tiger online
How to play Dragon Tiger online

Dragon Tiger Winning Strategy-Basic Strategy

Dragon Tiger is a casino game that originated in Asia, especially Cambodia. In this day and age, players can access the game from anywhere in the world. This game is easy to play even for beginners. It’s also fast-paced, with each round lasting about 25 seconds and betting for 15 seconds.

how to win

players place two tiger and dragon cards on the spot. The game is easy to play whether the player is experienced or beginner. However, some players are having issues playing the game. This is a game that gives players instant access to the game.

The dragon and tiger decide the winner or lose by the size of the card. The size of the card is not compared to the suit, but only the number of points. K is the highest card, and A is the smallest.

Dragon Tiger Game Tutorial

Anyone who has played at Dragon Tiger knows that the game is similar to baccarat. Gamblers can choose which hand will receive the most cards. Both the tiger and the dragon deal a card. Therefore, other cards cannot be withdrawn.

Players can bet on dragon, tiger, and three betting areas.

Gamblers who play this game at land-based and online casinos have a variety of options. They can choose between betting options on Dragon and Tiger, seven to eight options. The main betting options are Tiger and Dragon. Players can also bet “Tiger” or “Dragon” Aces on Aces with 7 (Small) or 8 (Towards King). When the result is a 7, all big and small bets are lost.

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