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The Color Game gcash as it is known in the Philippines is said to have been inspired by the Manila Carnival introduced by Americans in the Philippines in the early 20th century. It features spectacular parades, lavish shows, gaming games, side shows and rides from abroad.

After the Manila Carnival ended, a way to emulate the different characteristics of the carnival mentioned above was thought of. The rides and the local version of the side show are from Carnival Manila. Then all of this is brought to every town they go by the ephemeral Perya.

Color Game is a carnival, town fair and casino rolled into one. It is an essential highlight of Filipino fiestas for the past few decades.

When you start playing Color Game online you should use gcash so you can quickly withdraw cash when you win the game.

How to start playing Color Game gcash?

It’s just the color you bet on…for example red…if you lose double then bet 10php if you lose again then 20php just x2 always want red so if you bet 80php and you bet again and again Win back 10php, you won’t lose.

Looking for a fun color game in Lucky Games? ok here is mag register na

Just a problem, you’ll find out you’re operating, you’ll be banned from betting… I’ve been through that too, because hehehe.

The rules of the lucky Color Game online are very simple. It doesn’t require you to memorize those complicated formulas, and it doesn’t require you to understand the rules. As long as the chips you bet match the color of the bet, you will be rewarded accordingly.

Let’s play the traditional Color Game! Our favorite color games are now available to play online and accessible on any device. Download the app now and experience the ultimate experience even at home.

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