Dragon King Fish Table games is the newest free fishing platform, which includes “Mermaid” and “Neptune”, two of the most popular arcade platforms in Asia.

This is a real online fishing game, you can play this fun game with players from all over the world.

Dragon King Fish Table games Features

  1. The game is real, networked in real time, can be played on the same machine as a friend, and supports voice chat.
  2. Restore the most classic gameplay of the entertainment city, restore the classic gameplay of “Murray” and “Sea Dragon King” in the game hall; classic BOSS, arcade sound effects take you back to the arcade hall.
  3. The item gifting function is enabled, and the precious items you hit can be gifted to friends.
  4. There are a lot of free gold coins to collect, check-in, tasks and activities are very rich, so that you can have fun without spending money.
  5. Support multi-region and multi-language, currently supports Simplified, Traditional, Vietnamese, Burmese, Indonesian, English

game introduction

  1. Hit the fish with a novel way to recover bubbles.
  2. Hit “Monkey King”, “Pig Bajie” and “Princess Iron Fan” to get full screen bombs, and have a chance to get up to 8 times the double chance.
  3. Hit “Red Boy”, “Kirin” and “Fire Phoenix” to get half-screen bombs
  4. Kill the Mermaid BOSS to get a random double, up to 250 times
  5. And there are rich characteristic gameplays such as black hole fish, lazy crab, lightning eel, one hundred echoes, two dragons playing pearls, and three sheep Kaitai.
Dragon King Fish Table games
Dragon King Fish Table games

Dragon King Fish Table games is also preparing a blackjack game poker game, hoping to meet your expectations. Through the integration of these dominoes games, Dragon King is committed to creating a mini world of mobile online casino slot machines, where series players can enjoy the fun of casino slot machine games with pleasure.

IMPORTANT: This game is a social gambling game. All game content is free to play. In-game items are for entertainment only and cannot be exchanged for physical objects! ! !

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