Color Game is the most popular game among Filipino players, every Filipino enjoys truly the best color game app.

Color Game Big Win ,Ang color game ay simpleng laro kung saan pwedeng manalo ng ekstra-ordinaryong papremyo.
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Before the global pandemic, Filipino culture had never forgotten the bazaars during the festival. We are almost grown up and it’s a big part of the happy memories of our youth. Most are also experiencing gambling or gambling here for the first time.

If you don’t know Color Games you’ll know the betu, probably one of the most popular games at the show. Both children and adults are the first to bet on the colors on the swatches. It’s so easy to play, it’s undeniably one of the most anticipated games, and every time there’s a bazaar it’s packed with people.

Color Game Basic Rules and Tips

In this game, all you need is to be able to see colors. Roll the colored blocks to make the winning color appear. All bets on the winning color will be paid out based on the number of times it appears and the amount wagered. All bets will be on the losing color. While it’s easy to play, the game ultimately revolves around chance.

For example, there are six colors to bet on, and there are three color blocks, each with six colors. Three of the six colors can be won each round.

However, it is also possible that only two or one color will win. In this case, your chances of winning are reduced.

Do you think this game depends on luck? Remember that almost all games are affordable. Not in all cases, only luck wins. Here are simple and proven tricks you can use when playing color games. This will help you avoid bankruptcy and increase your chances of winning.

How to always win the color game?

Lucky people always win games centered on chance. Of course, fortunately, neither. It must be admitted that fate is not always on your side. It’s not that you’re unlucky, it’s just that luck is too elusive to get close to you.

Color Game Winning Tips
Color Game Winning Tips

If you haven’t won the jackpot here, keep reading this article. If you thought you’d be lucky in Color Game, you might be right! But it’s not just chance and sheer opportunity. You will create your own luck through knowledge and strategy. So let’s not delay any longer, here are proven tricks to always win the game of color.

Let’s start with an investment conversation. You will need Php100-200 as a starting investment. Don’t worry because it won’t go away. First, you need to decide how much to bet. One warning, don’t gamble on all your investments. You must have a base amount, start with a low amount. For example, you bet 5 pesos on blue. Avoid adding more bets first. When you win, do it over and over again.

If you miss, you still bet the same color, but you have to double up on the second round: your bet of 5 pesos will be 10. Double it if you haven’t won yet.

So, your bet becomes twenty. If you lose the fourth time, double and double. This way you can be sure that your investment doesn’t run out. If you only win once, your lost bets will be refunded and you can still win. Repeat this trick every time you win.

How to use this trick to win?

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If you think you’re going to lose like this, you’re wrong. The color you bet on cannot fail to win. How do you make money this way? this is very simple. Remember, you bet 5 php and lose, you bet again but you win 10 php. When you lose the second bet again, it becomes 20, then 40. Let’s say it again, it’s impossible not to win the color you’re betting on. If you win, your 40 stake is doubled: 40+40 = 80. You will make up for the Php35 lost in the first three rounds. You have an extra 5 php and that’s your win!

It is important to remember that you can only bet on one color. Every time you hit your color, you earn. But of course, when you win multiple times, your income will definitely increase. If you lose, you can definitely recover.

in conclusion

Expect that in this game you don’t always win. It’s really when playing, there’s no certainty, especially when it’s based on chance. The important thing is not to run out of money, you will not lose money, you will have income. This strategy will give you the opportunity to avoid failure.

In color games, this trick is a great way to make sure you stick with the game without a huge investment. Most importantly, don’t miss out on enjoying while you play. Remember, this is one of the main reasons you play games and take risks. But of course, this can be seen as a bonus when you win big!

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