Car roulette game app is one of the variants of Russian roulette, which is simpler to play than traditional roulette.Roulette variants that appear at the same time as car roulette in Southeast Asia are zoo roulette, and their gameplay is basically the same.

Features: Allows Indian and Filipino players to play online at the same time, soon Malaysia and Singapore players will be able to join.

What is Car roulette game app?

The car roulette wheel is divided into 4 car logos of different sizes, representing 8 different betting areas. Players can arbitrarily choose their favorite areas to bet during the game.

Car Roulette Game Rules

When one player chooses the dealer, the other players can bet themselves.

Odds Explained

car logo nameodds
big benz40 times
little benz5 times
big bmw30 times
little bmw5 times
big audi20 times
little audi5 times
(big) Volkswagen10 times
(Iitte) Volkswagen5 times

How to start playing Car Roulette?

You need to download the latest car roulette app for 2022, our experts suggest you can download the game of lucky app that allows India and Philippines.

The latest lucky game app in 2022
lucky game app

Lucky Games is a very popular online casino app where you can easily find your favorite games, currently they allow Indian and Filipino players to sign up, and with attractive welcome bonuses, it is a very trustworthy gaming platform.

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