Dragon Tiger has long been a favorite among Filipino players and has become one of the most popular online casino games in the Asian country. How to achieve excellent results in Dragon Tiger and improve your winning rate requires not only luck, but also a little skill.

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There are different categories of dragon and tiger games. Among them, online dragon and tiger is the most popular. Compared with other types of dragon and tiger fighting, there are more online players and higher income.

Philippine live dragon and tiger
Philippine live dragon and tiger

Philippine Dragon Tiger Fighting Game is a lucky card game that is popular on the Internet. Players win or lose based on the size of the cards. The size of the cards is not compared to suits, but only to penalty kicks. Players can choose three sides of dragon and tiger.

The odds of picking a dragon or a tiger are 1:1. The odds of picking the TIE are 1:8. Both sides have the same cards and the odds are smaller, so the odds are higher.

If you want to win the Dragon Tiger game, the most important thing is to grasp the skills of playing the game and take appropriate skills to analyze the situation more easily and win the game.

dragon and tiger skills guide

One of the skills of dragon and tiger games is to have sufficient capital and know how to choose different odds according to different scenes. Funds are well prepared, but you must choose according to your ability.

It is completely possible to invest appropriate money without affecting your life. Players must ensure that the money they invest is sufficient and not indispensable.

Be sure to keep your mind steady. When faced with a disadvantage, many people tend to act impulsively, doubling their bets, eager to win back all their previous bets. All are recovered by the dealer, so when the situation is not good and the game is not smooth for several consecutive games, you must be sober and restrained and end the game.

Finally, learn to control the betting ratio. At the beginning, it is best to control the ratio between 5% and 10%. When the winning rate is normal, you can maintain this ratio. If you are lucky, the winning rate is higher, you can bet a little more.

After all, the Philippine Dragon Tiger game is still a game of probability. In addition to the blessing of lucky value, it also requires certain calculation methods, learn to double bet, learn to stop loss, and you will master the essence of dragon and tiger fighting.

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