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roulette wheel has become the most popular game for high rollers in online casinos. There are different names for its game in different countries.

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roulette wheel has become the most popular game for high rollers in online casinos. There are different names for its game in different countries. The most widely known name is (Russianroulette), which is loved by players because of the simple rules.

In fact, not all casino games start with a good story. The background of the roulette story is full of brutality. The game of Russian roulette begins with a revolver and human life.

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roulette wheel online

roulette wheel story background

The rules of Russian roulette are simple, put one or more bullets in the six magazines of the revolver, turn the reel at will, then close the reel; pull the trigger; of course, the person who gets shot will automatically quit, Those with stage fright lose, and those who persevere to the end are the winners. Gamblers on the sidelines will bet on the lives of the participants. Due to its deadly nature, the game is banned by the laws of many countries and those who play it will be prosecuted for murder.

The history of Roulette online

Legend has it that this form of Russian roulette originated in nineteenth-century Russia, where prison guards forced prisoners to gamble. It is also said that it is derived from the method of dueling. It is also said that it is used as a competition of courage among desperadoes.

However, what is more recognized is the following statement: It is said that the game can be traced back to the Crimea peninsula, but its real popularity came to the First World War. At that time, the Tsarist Russian officers and soldiers who had been defeated during the day used alcohol to drown their sorrows at night, so “roulette” became the best “enjoyment program”. Although people are repeatedly killed by guns, this thrilling game is becoming more and more popular in Russia.

roulette wheel Game Instructions

roulette table

roulette wheel is one of the most common games in online casinos, and despite its deceptive simplicity, there are many ways to play it.

Roulette table illustration
Roulette table illustration

37 numbers from 0 to 36 are evenly distributed on the wheel and you can choose to bet.

When the game starts, the turntable starts to rotate automatically, a small ball will roll in the turntable, and finally fall into the small slot corresponding to a certain number, which is the “winning number”. Many paranoid bets are wrong on just one position, which can cost you more money.

The laws of physics increase the odds of winning

The movement of the ball in the turntable is divided into two stages. The first stage is that the ball spins a few times on the side wall, the speed gradually slows down, and finally hits a small metal baffle.

The second stage begins when the ball hits the metal baffle until it finally stops somewhere on the disc. The movement of the ball belongs to the chaotic state of the “butterfly effect”, and it is almost impossible to accurately calculate the trajectory of the ball with several physical equations. But for the first stage, physics still has computational methods.

Pay attention to the automatic rotation of the ball

The gravitational component provides the centripetal force as the ball rotates around the sidewall.

Assuming that the friction between the ball and the sidewall is constant and the resulting acceleration is constant, the speed of the ball will gradually slow down, and when it reaches a critical value, it will fall. Based on this, how long can we predict how long the ball will spin? How many turns? It is very important to analyze where it falls.

Auto Roulette is different from the Dragon Tiger game because it also has certain physical calculations, while the latter belongs to the lucky game.

Auto Roulette

After that, the ball slides down as it circles the sidewall.

Finally, we can predict which baffle the ball will hit and where the numbers of the disc will turn at this time (the disc is rotating at a uniform angular velocity).

As long as we know the initial position of the ball, its velocity, and the acceleration caused by friction, we can guess which small metal baffle the ball will pass before it falls on the disc based on the above equations. Of course, the results of these formulas may not be accurate every time, but at least they are not too bad.

Although the movement of the ball after hitting the small metal baffle is unpredictable, even if you know which baffle it is, it is difficult to determine the number of the last stop of the ball, but after certain statistics, it can be found that the number of the last stop and the It does matter which stop the ball hits, at least you can guess which half of the disc the ball will end up on, which 18 of the 37 numbers.

Two other methods are disclosed in Michael Small’s paper, the first one is simpler, not easy to find, but also less accurate.

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