Baccarat game rules

Baccarat Card Game Rules · or Punto Banco originated in France in the mid-19th century and is a casino type game that does not require any technical skills to...

Baccarat is a game that relies entirely on the odds of winning or losing. The rules are very simple. If baccarat is the most famous casino movie plot, it is of course the famous James Bond! Baccarat is a simple and slow-paced game, which is very suitable for novice players. The following Baccarat game rules are for your reference.

Baccarat game rules-Play Baccarat Game Preface

Essentially, baccarat is a simple guessing game. Players only need to bet on one of the two sides (banker or player), and the one with the closest card value to 9 wins.

Baccarat game rules-Baccarat Step by Step Guide

Before you enter an online or brick and mortar casino, you must first understand the game elements and terminology of baccarat.

  • card table

Depending on how baccarat is played, the table will have between 7 and 14 player seats, as well as a dealer area. No matter how many players are seated, only two sides are dealt: Player and Banker. Players do not have their own cards; and each player has their own betting area.

  • Three betting areas

On the poker table, each player has a corresponding number, and there are three betting boxes under each number, which represent the Player, Banker, and Tie.

  • dealer area
dealer licensing

The dealer will deal cards at the start of the game. The dealer will stand in the middle of the table facing all players so that he can reach every corner of the table.

  • commission box

When a player bets on the Banker and the Banker wins, the Banker will receive a 5% commission. In classic baccarat, next to the dealer is a rectangle filled with numbers, the commission box, where all commissions are recorded. At other baccarat tables, the rake box is close to each player’s betting area.

Each number represents a player, and every time a player needs to pay a commission, the dealer keeps a record and pays them all together until the player is ready to leave.

How Baccarat Calculates Points?

Points are calculated differently in Baccarat than in most other games. One rule that sets it apart is that nine is the highest number, and a hand can never be higher than nine in any way. The following is an introduction to the calculation method of baccarat card points.

J, Q, K cardother digital cardsA card
10, J, Q, K all count as zerosNumbers 2-9 are counted according to the card valueA card counts as one point
Baccarat counting rules

Point accumulation method

Once the sum of the points of all cards exceeds 9, only the value in the single digit is used as the total point.

Based on the above principles, let’s look at an example. If the sum of the cards is 10, it is counted as 0; if the sum of the card points is 11, it is counted as 1, if the sum of the card points is 12, it is counted as 2, and so on. That is to say, after the total number of points reaches 10, the tens-digit number will be automatically discarded, and the single-digit number will be used to calculate the total number of points.

So, if the cards in hand are 9 and 6, they add up to 15, so there is only 5 in hand. Only the side that bets to the nearest 9 wins.

4 Important Steps to Play Baccarat

1. Start with a player plan; set a budget in advance, and stick to it.
2. Betting: A bet is made before the cards are dealt. Choose from three betting options: Banker, Player or Tie.
3. Find out how each round works and how the cards are dealt: In normal play, both banker and player are dealt two cards. Learn more about when a third card is dealt.
4. How to decide the winner: After the cards are dealt and the points are counted, the team with the closest 9 points wins.
4 Important Steps to Baccarat

How to start betting?

Baccarat is a guessing casino game, so players must place their bets before the cards are dealt. Players can place a bet on any of three betting options:

Baccarat Dealer

The player bets on the banker’s side and wins, and you get the same odds as the bet, or 1 to 1. For example, if you bet $10, you will win $10 minus the 5% rake.

Baccarat Play

Bet on Play and win, and you will also get the same odds as you bet on.


The player who bets on a tie and wins is 8 to 1.

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