Dragon Tiger Casino Strategy is actually a “size” game. The betting method is very similar to Baccarat. As for how to bet, this is another subject.

Live Dragon Tiger is perfect for Counting Cards · Note · Use Suit-based Strategy · The Tie Bet is the Worst Option · Betting Systems don't Work on Dragon Tiger.
Dragon Tiger Casino Strategy

Dragon Tiger Casino Common dragon and tiger skills

There are many ways to play lucky Dragon Tiger, which betting method is easier to win? Now let us introduce some common and professional betting techniques, which may benefit a lot.

Dragon and Tiger Skill 1: Betting on Dragon and Tiger

First understand the betting odds. General players can bet on 11 types of betting options including Dragon, Tiger, Draw, Dragon Single, Dragon Double, Tiger Single, Tiger Double, Dragon Red, Dragon Black, Tiger Red, and Tiger Black. 1:1, 1:1, 1:8, 1:0.75, 1:1.05, 1:0.75, 1:1.05, 1:0.9, 1:1.9, 1:0.9, 1:1.9.

Therefore, the probability of dragon, tiger, and tie is higher, but the probability of tie is relatively low, so betting on the dragon or tiger has a higher chance of winning. However, this kind of detention needs to comply with some psychological laws, and the most important thing is not to be greedy! The second thing is that you cannot bet on every hand in a round. Finally, you can observe a few hands before you start betting.

Dragon Tiger Skill 2: Only betting on numbers

Focusing on betting numbers is actually a betting number game. The betting odds are three times the number. The betting number is locked as a hot number, and then the betting amount is opened. If the hot number is 5, then the first bet of 30 yuan for the second time, 60 yuan for winning, 60 yuan for losing the second hand, 120 yuan for losing the third hand, and so on, until the first bet 8 times as long as it is a hot number, bet once, unless the selected number is a cold number.

Dragon Tiger casino strategy In this way of betting, you have won the 8th time. At this time, you bet a total of 30+60+120+240+480+960+1920+3840=7650 yuan, but you can get 3840*3=11520 yuan, so you will still make money.

Dragon Tiger Skill 3: The rules of playing cards in the game

You can wait and watch a few rounds instead of buying. For example, if you did not buy in the first or second round, then you will start betting. If you play the tiger in the first round and play the tiger in the second round, you will buy the tiger in the third round until you get the card. So far it is not a tiger.

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