Red Black game Online is a lucky gambling game in which the lucky one-stroke gameplay is very popular among players.

Simply put, the game is divided into red and black areas for betting. Players can choose to bet on the red or black area, and the betting time is limited. Players can decide to place bets at their own discretion. After the betting time is over, the cards are opened in sequence, and then compared according to the size of the three cards.

Red Black game rules

The game is divided into three betting areas, the red side wins, the black side wins and the lucky hit. If you bet on the red side to win, the bonus will be returned with the corresponding multiplier.

Lucky hit area: If you bet on the lucky hit area, and the card of the winner is Leopard, Straight Flush, Flush, Straight or more than 8 in the draw, then you can get the corresponding multiple reward. If after winning, it is only a high hand or a pair of 8 or less, then the betting principal of the lucky blow will be owned by the system.

This is not a roulette game. If you are familiar with the rules of the baccarat game, you can easily master the Red or Black rules, because their playing methods are basically the same, but there are some differences in the card types. This is a variant of the poker game. Not so much Baccarat as he is a variant of Andar Bahar.

Card type rule description

  • Leopard: Three cards with the same point. Such as: AAA, 222. (AAA is the largest and J22 is the smallest)
  • Straight in the same suit. Such as: 456 spades and 789 hearts. The largest Shunjin is QKA with the same color, and the smallest Shunjin is 123 with the same color. (KQA is the largest, A23 is the smallest)
  • The suits are the same, not straight. Such as: 357 spades and 359 diamonds. (KJA is the largest, 235 is the smallest)
  • Straight: Straights of different suits. Such as: 5 spades, 6 hearts, 7 diamonds. The largest straight is QKA with a different suit, and the smallest straight is A23 with a different suit.
  • Pair: Two cards of the same rank. Such as: 223, 557. (AAK is the largest, 223 is the smallest)
  • Single card: Three cards do not form any type of card. (KJA is the largest, 235 is the smallest)
  • Special cards: There is no special card game in this game.
Red Black game Online is a lucky gambling game in which the lucky one-stroke gameplay is very popular among players.
Red Black game Online hand trend analysis

In a Red or Black game, it is very important to analyze the trend of the hand. Generally, we can view the trend of the recent hand in the game interface. We can analyze the trend of the hand to obtain some relevant game probabilities, including Information such as the probability of the appearance of the red and black sides. Then the player can bet based on this probability and combined with the player’s hand

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