Deep sea fishing game is a very popular casual game. During the game, the player can aim the cannonball in his hand at any selected fish. All fish in the game are the player‘s catch targets. However, this does not mean that everyone can easily catch big fish. If you want to get a lot of chips in a fishing game, you also need to master the following fishing strategies!

Fishing Rush

Deep sea fishing game-Experience is important

Fishing games are not entirely based on luck. It is very important to accumulate experience through a certain amount of game time. Only when you are familiar can you know which fish is the most suitable for playing which shells, and can reduce the cost of chips as much as possible on the premise of ensuring profits.

Deep sea fishing game -Peace of mind

The mind must remain calm. Deep-sea fishing war is like fishing. It takes a lot of patience to wait for the fish to be bait. Don’t see a few bullets become impetuous, shoot randomly without hitting the fish. At this time, calm down and carefully observe the movements of the fish school, so as to attack and reduce losses.

There are tricks to hit the big fish

In the game, you can often see the big boss fish swimming around leisurely. At this time, you must maximize your bullet and increase it tenfold. Find the angle. Press and hold the space bar or the left mouse button. The opportunity is great. Speaking of big boss fish, I used this method to catch the tortoise fish. The gold coins flashed by, really exciting.

School of fish is a good opportunity

Whenever there is a big wave of fish swimming, the game will prompt. At this time, you need to adjust the barrel angle in time. The shell level can be adjusted to 3 or 4, not too high, and then press and hold the space bar or the left mouse button for bursts. There will be very big gains.

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