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Philippines dragon tiger game is one of the most favorite casino games among players in Southeast Asia.Dragon Tiger is a fast and simple game. Any player can easily master the rules of Dragon Tiger. At the same time, it is also the favorite game of Filipino players. This kind of favorite is even more than that of cockfighting games in the Philippines.

Philippines Dragon Tiger Game Online Casino

Play Live Dragon Tiger-Philippines dragon tiger

Philippine live-action video dragon and tiger game

Play Live Dragon Tiger is played by live dealers. Its online video is as immersive as a physical casino. This requires you to be calm enough, because physical casinos can easily lose their sanity when losing money.

New players in the live-action video of Dragon Tiger Fight lose money because they don’t understand betting skills. Most of the old players are because of the following reasons. If you are one of them, you can read carefully.

Fund preparation

According to one’s own income, as much as possible without affecting normal life, this is mainly a kind of entertainment.

Bet ratio

Generally, the betting ratio is 5% to 10% every time, if the way is not good, you can keep this amount. If the way is good, you can make a small bet. The accumulated funds will have the capital, and a small bet is reasonable.

Stop Loss Bottom Line

Many people don’t know how to do this. When we lose, we must recharge desperately, double the bet, and stop the loss. We must make it clear that we must give ourselves a mandatory requirement every time we play.

Mind control

Winning or losing is very normal. If the above can be done well, it will basically be profitable in the long run. Don’t care too much about losing in a day or two. In each game, if you lose in a row, then you must calm down and adjust your state at this time.

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