Rainbow game Dragon vs Tiger is a game provider in the Philippines. It is only applicable to Filipino players and not applicable to all countries. Please understand the restriction requirements of Dragon Tiger games in different countries before downloading.

Rainbow game Dragon vs Tiger is only for Filipino players, not for Indian players to download
Rainbow game Dragon vs Tiger Philippines

Tiger games are mainly divided into three categories, but there is no big difference in the game rules.Many different countries/regions like Dragon Tiger Fighting game very much. This is a simple game suitable for all players around the world.

Dragon vs Tiger classification

Live Video Dragon Tiger Game

Live video is also a live-action video game of Dragon Tiger, which is a game of poker delivered by the dealer on the spot.

Online Casino Dragon Tiger Game

The display style of online casino Dragon Tiger games is very different from that of live video Dragon Tiger. Many online casino Dragon Lake games do not have the croupier play poker on the spot, but the system directly acts as the croupier or banker.

What’s the difference? Which game is more fun?

Whether it is dragon tiger games or online baccarat, there will be different groups of players. Some players are professional, so different players also like different games. At least for professional players, they prefer dragons that can count poker clearly. Tiger game.

Can Indian players play the Philippine Rainbow game Dragon vs Tiger vs Tiger game?

Indian players cannot play Philippine games because Indian players cannot register as their members. This is related to the mobile phone number restriction. In addition, you cannot deposit and buy chips in the game. This is a restriction for different countries.


Please confirm the applicable country/region when downloading any game app, so as not to waste your time.

In future articles, this guide will be provided in two languages and specifically marked the applicable countries of the game for you to distinguish.

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