We clearly know that the game of baccarat is an interesting and interesting betting game based on probability. If you talk about the most famous movie scenes of Baccarat, of course James Bond is well known! Baccarat is a simple and slow-paced gambling game, very suitable for novice players; no necessary game strategies or skills are required. In addition, baccarat is one of the gaming methods with the highest winning percentage in the casino.

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The purpose of baccarat

Baccarat is a simple game played by guessing throughout. Players only need to bet on one of the two sides (the banker or the player), and guess the side with the card value closest to 9 to win.

Understanding Baccarat

Depending on how Baccarat is played, the table will have 7 to 14 player seats and a dealer area. No matter how many players are seated, the cards will only be dealt to both parties: the player and the dealer. Players do not have their own cards; each player has their own betting area.

Three betting areas

At the poker table, each player has a corresponding number. Under each number, there are three betting boxes, which show the Player, Banker and Tie.

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The dealer will deal the cards at the beginning of the game. Dealing cards will stand in the middle of the table facing all the players in order to touch every corner of the table.

How Baccarat counts points

Baccarat‘s point calculation method is different from most other games. One rule that is different is that nine is the maximum number of points, and a hand cannot be greater than nine anyway. The following is an introduction to the calculation method of Baccarat card points.

Points accumulation method

When the sum of the points of all cards exceeds 9, only the single digit is used as the total point.

Based on the above principles, let’s look at an example. If the sum of card points is 10, it is counted as 0; if the sum of card points is 11, it is counted as 1, if the card points are 12, it is counted as 2, and so on. In other words, after the total number of points reaches 10, the ten digits will be automatically rounded down, and the ones digit value is used to calculate the total number of points.

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